Wisdom from the past: Parenting the old school way!

Wisdom from the past: Parenting the old school way!

May 06, 2019

These days, raising kids is an uphill battle. It seems like it's harder to raise kids today than it was in the past. Why do we think this is? Could it be our parenting style? Can it be better if we got back to parenting the old school way?

Although some old-school parenting is odd, much of it had great results and made fine adults. Here are a few examples worth exploring and adopting in our modern parenting ways.

  1. Teach kids the value of work

In the old days, children in most homes had chores from when they were very young. The tasks were not an option but a must. These days we have nannies and home caretakers that do almost everything for our children.

A great old school parenting tip is to introduce chores to kids at an early age. Let them be responsible for small things such as making their beds, washing dishes after mealtime, and sweeping the yard. It creates discipline in them and makes them responsible individuals.

  1. You are not your child's BFF

As much as we would like it, it's hard to pursue a best friend relationship with your child and remain a credible authority figure to them. Something will suffer, and it's your parenting skills because you will find it hard to enforce rules.

Old school parents were authority figures whose path we did not cross. The rules from our parents were law. We respected them and kept a cordial relationship ensuring to live by their rules.

Set rules and boundaries for your children. Don't behave like a tyrant though, because it will lead to a lot of lying and sneaking around. Just let your children know that you are the parent and you do not negotiate on discipline. 

  1. Be a great role model

In the past, parents were a great example to their children.  They were respectable and carried themselves in a disciplined manner knowing their children were looking up to them.

Today, parents are trying to straddle the fence. They want to live their best life. They also want their kids to be their best friends. This is almost impossible! Children are sponges and copycats. They will do what you do and even surpass you.

Select the rules you want to enforce at al time and be consistent, especially when it comes to things related to their safety.  Children do better when they know what to expect and they have consistent directions.  Stick to your rules and your relationship with them will be stronger.

  1. Always be there for your children

One thing that children value is consistency. Old school parents were always there for their children. They were there to pick them from school, and at home during bedtime or for homework. Family time was a priority, and most families took meals together as a unit every day.

These days TV and work often replace family time.  It is important to make an effort and have some family time even if it is 15 minutes a day.  Just this much makes a difference in their lives. Although we can't shield our children from all bad things and they have to experience failure sometimes, we have to be the most dependable people in their lives. It gives them a stable foundation on which to build a strong character.

  1. Develop valuable skills in children

Old school parents instilled the value of skills in their children at a young age. There were lots of apprenticeships or working together with the parents in the family business on holidays. It means many people grew up with a skill or two they could use to earn a living when they left home.

It's time to get your children away from the TV and off their hand devices. Enroll them for lessons on skills they have interest in that could lead to great careers or fulfilling hobbies.

Children should excel in applicable practices that guarantee them a great future. Get them interested in coding, competitive sports, music, and art. The more occupied they are with constructive pursuits, the less room they have for mischief, TV and social media.

These are a few tips on old school parenting you can adopt today. Kids need a firm yet loving hand to grow up the right way. Try these old school parenting tips and see how it goes!

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