Why we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr Day

Why we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr Day

January 18, 2020

Soon, we are going to celebrate the life and achievements of Martin Luther King Jr. on Martin Luther Day. It is a holiday we have every year. This year, the celebrations will be on 20th January. As a rule, this federal holiday is celebrated every 3rd Monday of January. It is named after the civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr, who is famous for his "I have a dream" speech.

History of Martin Luther King Day

Martin Luther fought a serious campaign during his life against racial segregation. He was especially concerned about discrimination in public areas, which was one of the inhumane treatments people of color had to go through during those days.

Although Martin Luther fought for equal treatment for people of color, the holiday named after him is a public holiday. It celebrated by people of all races in the US. During this day, many businesses and schools are closed. Numerous events are held during Martin Luther Day, highlighting issues of equal rights and remembering the good deeds of MLK. It is also a day to remember what people of color had to go through to gain equality in America.

How to celebrate MLK's Day

It is normal during Martin Luther Day for many schools to enlighten or educate kids about this day by highlighting the civil rights movement. There is an emphasis on teachings about racism, which caused the issues of segregation in the first place and is a problem in America to date.

Martin Luther King Day is generally accepted as his birthday. In fact, Stevie Wonder's song "Happy Birthday" is in honor of this day. Many people take advantage of it to hold events in his honor. 

Although Dr. King led the struggle against racialism, he did it in a peaceful manner that earned him a Nobel prize. That makes many people respect him and value the day set apart to celebrate his contributions towards the struggle.

Hopefully, by celebrating this national holiday each year, people, especially the youth, are discouraged from participating in racism. Generally, it is a day when people are encouraged to contribute to public service wholeheartedly and shun violence.

Things you can do on Martin Luther Day

What are you planning to do for Martin Luther Day this year? Some people choose to participate in civil rallies and marches, remembering the good deeds of MLK. Others visit places like museums and centers where memorabilia on Dr. King and records of his fight against segregations can be found.

An excellent example of such a place is the King Center in Atlanta. There, they have a library full of source material on Dr. King and the Civil Rights movement worldwide. Other peace leaders are honored here, such as Rosa Parks and Gandhi.

We also have the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis, where King was assassinated. There you will find interactive exhibits that will inform you about the renowned leader and even watch movies highlighting his life and times.

You can also choose to hold a gathering in your home on Martin Luther Day, especially if the civil rights movement is something you are interested in. Whichever way you decide to celebrate this national holiday, hopefully, you will focus on the tenets that Martin Luther stood for, which are peace, equality, and public service.

Happy Martin Luther King Day!


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