Why Spring is the Most Lovable Season

Why Spring is the Most Lovable Season

March 09, 2020

Spring is almost here with us. Are you looking forward to it as much as I am?  Many people feel like I do, that Spring is the best of all the four seasons. It brings with it beautifully appealing weather and has so much to offer.

Here are some of the things that make Spring such a season of hope:

  1. It gets warmer, yeah!

In Spring, it's time to say goodbye (and readily so) to the extreme cold temperatures that are characteristic of most Winters. It starts to get warmer, we get more relaxed, and our sunny dispositions are back.

While it's hard to enjoy the outdoors in cold Winter, temperatures are moderate in Spring, and we can take walks outside and enjoy the crisp, fresh spring air. Children can finally go out and play with friends exchanging toys and making up fun games. Families can have some outdoor fun in the park.

Spring is a breath of fresh air that is necessary for our lives. It's our reward for getting through the damp, cold Winter.

  1. Everything starts to blossom

After winter’s freezing temperatures, when it's hard to keep plants and flowers alive; it's such a great feeling to see new grass sprouting, blossoming flowers, and other plants starting to bloom.

In Spring, the greenery ambiance of our gardens and the fantastic colors are back! The breath of fresh air is exhilarating. And if you love gardening, this is probably the best part of Spring for you, because you can finally start working in your garden and enjoy your flowers ones more! Hurray!

  1. Birds are back!

Winter chases away most of the amazing birds we have around us. If you look at most birds’ bath, gardens, or birdhouses, you can hardly see the many colorful, entertaining birds that are always there in warm weather.

In comes Spring and the colorful birds start flying back in droves, bringing some much-needed joy back into our lives with them. The sound of the birds chirping away in the awakening garden is an excellent gift of Spring after Winter. Such joy!

  1. Baby animals are everywhere

Springs motto should be "in with the new and fresh" because apart from the blooming greenery, that's when many animals deliver their young. These baby chipmunks, baby squirrels, baby bunnies, and other small creatures of the woods come out to enjoy the warm weather in Spring. 

It's such a delight to see these small, cute animals bouncing around as they explore their new environments. The birth of a new generation of animals is another perfect gift from Spring.

  1. There is more daylight to enjoy and use

In Winter, darkness takes over for most of the day, and it can be depressing! In fact, for some people, the dark days of Winter can trigger a feeling of gloom. Therefore, Spring is a welcoming time for anyone who craves more sunshine because there are more hours of daylight to enjoy.

The extra hours of daylight in Spring are also an ideal time to get more done in a day. One task you can get out of the way is Spring cleaning! Open up all the windows and let some fresh air, clean out all the dust and dirt that has been building up in your home in Winter. Lastly, redecorate for Spring and add some bright spring colors. Let your house breathe again! 

 Are you looking forward to Spring?

These are some of the great things about Spring that make it a special season. It's a relaxing time when we can get back to;

  • Socializing in the outdoors
  • Growing our favorite flowers, vegetables, and plants
  • Enjoying the re-awakening wildlife, and
  • Soaking up a little more sun and warmth than we did in Winter

Spring is such a treat!

I'm looking forward to it, are you? If you are, please share what you love about Spring with us in the comments.

Happy Spring!

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