What gift do new moms really want on their first mother's day?

What gift do new moms really want on their first mother's day?

May 11, 2019

The first mother’s day is special for everyone in the family. There is a new addition to the family, and it comes with lots of changes.  Nobody feels these changes more than a first-time mom. Therefore, it's important that close family members and friends shower her with lots of care and love.

One fantastic way to show love and care to a new mom is by giving her a memorable mother's day experience.  Here are a few tips for anyone looking to create a simple but meaningful first mother’s day experience for a spouse or family member.

Ask the mom

For some reason, family and friends avoid asking the first time mom how she would like to spend her first mother’s day. While it may ruin the element of surprise, asking is a great way to get things right.

You may take the new mom out when she just wants to spend quality time with her family. In the end, she may just wish to spend the day at home. Maybe she just wants some time alone resting. Isn’t better to ask her what she wants and then plan a day according to her wishes? Try it for a perfect day.

Gifts for the mom

People often assume that gifting a mother things for the baby is also gifting her. While this is true to some extent, on Mother’s Day, it's a good idea to buy a new mom something just for her to use. After all, the baby has a birthday; a day in which he or she gets plenty of gifts.

When it comes to gifting a new mom on Mother’s Day, the ask- the- mom suggestion still applies. If it's not an option, you can always think of some great gift like perfume or jewelry to make it special.

Give her some rest time

Taking care of a newborn is tiring. Many new moms are astounded at how much it takes out of them. An excellent gift idea for a first-time mom is to give her a chance to rest. A time where she can have uninterrupted sleep and relaxation.

Try giving the new mom breakfast in bed and let her sleep in. Shower her with gifts and flowers and make her feel loved and relaxed as you give her a day off from household chores. She will thank you for it.

Pamper her body and mind

Many new moms feel worn out from the pregnancy, birthing and taking care of a newborn. One fantastic gift you can give a mom is a chance to rejuvenate the body and mind with some pampering body treatments.

As a partner or spouse, giving the new mom a foot massage or full body massage with candles and soothing music is a great idea that is not expensive. You could also send her to the spa for the whole day and just let the experts work on her body to get rid of all the stress and strain.

For some moms, they feel much better after a night out with their friends or partner. Whatever works to relax the body and mind of the first time mom, give it to her for mother’s day and watch her melt.

Family tradition

When all is said and done, new moms also want to spend quality time with their spouse and other family members on their first mother’s day celebration. Why not start a family tradition? It doesn't have to take the whole day. Just do something as a family to celebrate that will give her great memories to look back on.

A good idea is to take a family photo with the new member of the family and extended family members. You could also have brunch or dinner together. Anything that brings the family together to celebrate the mom and give her warm vibes is a plus.

These are just a few ideas on what to do for a new mom on her first mother’s day. It's not easy to decide, but you will not fail to make it memorable if you put your heart into it. Happy Mother’s Day!

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