What are you thankful for? Great gratitude activities for parents to do with their kids

What are you thankful for? Great gratitude activities for parents to do with their kids

November 26, 2019

The holiday season is a time when we get to spend time with special people in our lives. There is also lots of good food, fun times, and laughter. All these make it easy for us to feel grateful for everything.

But when the holidays pass and the family gathering is over, we go back to our everyday lives and often forget to be grateful. The truth is, there is always something to be thankful for every day. It is a great idea to create a habit of being grateful and to pass this on to our children.

An excellent way to build a spirit of being grateful each day is to practice gratitude activities. Through these activities, we can teach ourselves and our kids how to be aware of the blessings in our lives and be grateful for them. Here are a few gratitude activities you can practice with your children for Thanksgiving Day and every other day.

  1. Create thank you notes

A unique and meaningful way to say thank you is to write a card for someone. You can make gratitude cards with your kids. They can write to anyone they feel has been good to them (including you 😉)

Make it a fun art time when you create small beautiful cardboard cards. The kids can decorate the cards by painting, drawing cute pictures on them, or color them with crayons, etc. They can then write a message of thanks inside the cards for whoever they like.

Making gratitude cards brings out the creative side of kids. While doing it, discuss gratitude together with them, letting them share good things people have done for them or things that are going right in their lives. Such an informal setting is an ideal place to teach kids life lessons and give them a positive outlook on their lives.

  1. Volunteer to help others

Serving others, especially the less fortunate in the community, is a sure way to show our thanks for the good fortune in our lives. It is also an excellent parent and children activity to adopt in life. There are plenty of organizations in your community that help the less fortunate.  You can choose one that your kids will be excited about and find ways to involve them in helping.  Weather is by giving time or things, having them be involved will allow them to feel grateful for what they have and can give.

You could serve at a soup kitchen, visiting an animal shelter, or help a kid in school your children know is going through a rough time. It will bring some light into your life and others as well as teach the kids to care for good people going through hard times.

  1. Have a gratitude family shower

There seems to be a shortage of thankful gestures these days. People especially feel unappreciated in families. That's why you should start a tradition of a weekly gratitude family shower in your home.

A gratitude family shower is where each member of the family is thanked and recognized by the others for the great things they do. It involves forming a circle around someone and letting each person say what they are thankful for about him or her.

You could also have children write what they are thankful for and exchange the notes with each other. By the end of the gratitude shower, everyone leaves knowing they are valued for something and the great things others are grateful for that give them a positive outlook on life. Such a fantastic way to appreciate each other and life in general.

  1. Play gratitude games

Children love playing games. You can teach them to be grateful by making a habit of playing gratitude games with them. When you plan some family games to play on Thanksgiving Day with friends and family, a gratitude game will be a great option.

A good idea for a Thanksgiving game is a treasure hunt for gratitude notes. Write cute notes with simple thank you phrases attached to candies or other small trinkets and hide them all over the house. Some phrases you can write include, I am thankful for life, or I am grateful for fun days with my family. Set a timer and let everyone go and find the hidden notes.

Once the time is up, you all come together and read out the notes found and share the treats or trinkets. It's a fun way to make gratitude a feel-good thing and create lasting memories.


These are four gratitude activities you can do as a family. Why don't you try one or two this Thanksgiving? At first, you may feel awkward doing it, but with time, gratitude activities will be a way of life for you and your children.

Also, what other ways do you know of showing gratitude to others and teaching kids to be grateful for their blessings? Please share them with us in the comments.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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