July 20, 2020

Summer Season is here so move all your habits outside!  


Summer is half over but feels like it hasn’t began yet! We are still excited for the warm season as it offers sun-kissed skin, pool fun, sandcastles, strolls in the beach, yummy thirst quenchers, ice-cold desserts, and over all hot summer vibes. In order for us to really enjoy this sunny season, we must also be aware of the safety health protocols and regulations to have the ultimate summer of 2020. It means that there will be no more block parties but instead an intimate get together that will surely be a memorable one. It is not just for our protection but also for our loved ones and the community.

Here are some awesome ideas on how to make your summer splendid and enjoy time with family without sacrificing your safety:

Water Welfare


 What better way to beat the heat than having a swim, right? Water-related activities are very popular during this time of the year. There are plenty of risks and hazards that are associated with different bodies of water. Most of us will be going to the beach, lake, spring, or rivers, then we should always remember the rule of thumb to never swim by yourself. You may use personal floatation devices (PFD), being familiar with the area where you are swimming and supervised the kids at all times. You can always enjoy water activities but make sure to take an eye out for your family’s welfare. Where there’s a will, there’s a wave!

  • Put on sunscreen before going in the water
  • Learn how to swim or enroll in an age-appropriate swimming lessons
  • Always swims with a buddy
  • Have an emergency kit nearby
  • Familiarize yourself in the water area

  Awesome Outdoor Activities

The family must have been cooped up in the house for a long time so it is advisable to encourage them to get outside and get active. Camping, hiking, fishing, biking, picnics--and more- are healthy ways to pass the time.  It will be beneficial for both mental and physical health. As relaxing and beautiful Mother Nature maybe, she can also pose dangers if not you’re not cautious. To make sure of your exciting adventure and outdoor activities that as safe as it is fun, always plan activities without risking the safety of the family. Do your own thing this summer. Avoid pier pressure!

  • Plan and prepare all the necessary things to pack
  • Bring your first aid kit
  • Familiarize yourself with the area
  • Pack food safely preferably non-perishables
  • Drink water regularly do avoid dehydration

 Backyard Dine Out

While most of your favorite food chains and restaurants are slowly back in business, we must still be precautious of our surroundings. Dining inside a restaurant and the company with family, colleagues, and peers must be one of our missed activities before the lockdown. Now that we are in motion, meeting in a spacious outdoor area with a small group is possible but safety measures must also be observed. Try new and safe dining experiences to live by. Hanging with my grill friends!

  • Dining Alfresco under the stars
  • Improvised game nights
  • Barbeque and grills
  • Take out food with a twist
  • Dining at an outdoor restaurant than eating inside

 Our society is slowly bouncing back into its activities but we are still encouraged to abide with safety standards like staying at home if possible, avoid large crowds, washing of hands with soap, wearing of face mask at all times, disinfect hands with alcohol/sanitizers, take vitamins and social distancing protocols must be followed. This is also one of our social responsibility to our family and the community. We can still have the best summer of 2020 without risking you and your family’s health. Activities that can be done just in the boundaries of our home that can surely be good for the books. An all safe summer is waiting for the entire family!

 We feel pretty shore that this is going to be the best summer yet. So, water you doing in this fine weather?  Share your summer adventures in the comments!

 Fishing you a happy day!

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