Valentine gift for your loved one: Shoes and bags that make perfect presents

Valentine gift for your loved one: Shoes and bags that make perfect presents

February 09, 2020

It’s time to buy a meaningful Valentine's Day gift or two for that special person in your life. It's not always easy to buy a gift for a loved one, no matter how much you care about them.

Picking the right gift for someone you love

Something that helps me think of good gift ideas for my loved ones is thinking of their likes and dislikes. I also try to remember any hints they have given me in the past about things they want. Other times, I find it's better to ask someone what they want as a gift.

Taking time to think about the best gift to give a loved one is worth it. It always feels great when you buy that special someone something he/she is excited about and appreciates.

An example of gift items that will never steer you wrong are bags and shoes. We all need them; kids, women, and men. If this sounds like a good idea to you, here are a few suggestions of great shoes and bags you can get your loved ones this Valentine.

  1. Vionic shoes

If your loved one prizes comfort over all other attributes when it comes to shoes, why don't you pick up a pair of Vionic shoes for him or her?

Vionic shoes are specially designed to give much-needed arc support and stability to feet. They are the perfect gift for anyone in your life suffering from plantar fasciitis.

They have quality loafers, sneakers, and boots for men. And classy heels, flats, and wedges for women. Their snakeskin detail flats can make perfect gifts for moms.

  1. Melissa shoes

Valentine is no longer only for lovers. Many people use this day to show love to anyone in their life they care about. That includes kids. If you are one such person and are looking for awesome shoes to gift your kids this Valentine, Melissa shoes are a perfect choice. Here's why;

  • They are bubble gum scented, eco-friendly shoes made from recyclable material.
  • They are made from a hypoallergenic and flexible material that makes them comfortable to wear and easy to clean.
  • They are decorated with different Disney designs that your child will love, such as Unicorns, Ballerinas, Mermaid, and Frozen's Anna and Elsa.

  1. Blowfish shoes

 If you are a vegan and you love supporting vegan causes, Blowfish shoes are another option for family Valentine day presents. They are casual, simple shoes that are ideal for outdoorsy activities like going to the beach, a casual date, or hiking.

With Blowfish shoes, you have a variety of tough and comfy shoes to choose from, such as ankle boots, combat boots, casual flats, and high top sneakers for kids. Blowfish shoes have something for everyone in the family!


  4. Zaxy Shoes

Still, on the eco-friendly vibe, another option for Valentine's day gifts is Zaxy shoes. They are;

  • Made from recyclable plastic
  • Comfortable and long-lasting
  • Beautifully scented
  • Available in several colors and cute designs

Zaxy shoes are great gifts for the ladies. Some good picks are the Miranda heels and Pop Heart Flutter flats.

  1. Chala Bags

Shoes and bags go together and make a great pair of Valentine's day presents. If your loved one is an animal lover, you can buy her unique Chala bags this Valentine.

Chala bags come in a variety of colors and have beautiful prints on them of different animals. For example, tropical fish, puppies, exotic birds, turtles, and even bears on them.

If you want a classic Chala bag or two as gifts for your wife, they have some classy ones with simple embellishments you can choose from. She will love that extra touch in her life and think of you when she wears it 😊

What are you getting your loved one this Valentine's day? Remember, that no matter what you get, they will love it if it comes from the heart.

Do you have any other great gift ideas for Val's, how about you share them with us in the comments?

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