Traveling with an infant? Keep these 9 traveling tips in mind

Traveling with an infant? Keep these 9 traveling tips in mind

May 20, 2019

When you have an infant to care for, it's hard to move around with ease. No wonder many parents avoid traveling with infants. However, it is not impossible.

If you yearn to travel but have a small child - go for it! It's a great way to bond as a family. If you keep the following travel tips in mind, your trip with baby will be easy and memorable.

  1. Start early, start small

If you want your kid to be an easy traveler, start traveling with him/her as early as possible. You can start with short excursions for concerts, or day trips and then move to overnight trips.

During these trips, you will get used to handling your baby on the go, and the baby will get used to the ups and downs of travel. You will differentiate between expectations vs. reality and gain valuable experience. With time you can graduate to flights across continents and cities with ease.

  1. Documents and vaccinations

Travel documents are the first things to get in order before you pack for any trip. To travel out of the country, your baby will need a passport.

Your child's immunization should also be up to date as required by authorities. Otherwise, if it's a road trip, you just need to pack baby care essentials and drive off.

  1. Take advantage of priority status whenever possible

Regardless of whether you are traveling by bus, boat or plane, you will find provisions for parents with children if you ask. Generally, most people understand the situation of traveling with kids and will help you. Please, don't be afraid to ask.

  1. Hygiene and body care

Kids are resilient, and a little dirt is good for their immune system. It doesn't mean you set aside hygiene though. Baby wipes and hand sanitizers work great to keep baby relatively clean.

It's also a good idea to breastfeed exclusively. If it's not possible, carry pouches of organic food for baby, clean bottled water, and anything you need to pump or prepare milk for your child.

  1. Travel light

You do not want to drag around a lot of luggage with an infant in your arms. Try and pack as little as possible focusing only on essentials. 

Carry a few clothes that you can wash at hotels and inns whenever you stop. Most important is to carry cash that you can use to buy essentials on the go.

  1. Book into places with child care services

You will thank your lucky stars if you book into hotels or inns with child care services available. For one, it means they are a child - friendly establishment.

Secondly, it means you and your spouse have a place to leave your child when you need a few hours of alone time. It is worth the extra money you pay.

  1. Electronic entertainment and toys

The advantages of having iPads with baby apps and portable DVDs for your baby's entertainment on the road outweigh any disadvantages. Funny baby movies and music can keep your child calm for hours as you get some rest, and even sooth them to sleep.

When it comes to toys, kids don't discriminate as everything is new and exciting to them. Just try your best to keep them away from dangerous or unsanitary items.

  1. Insurance

Avoid scrimping on your travel insurance, and please make sure it covers everything you and your child need during a trip. Have an idea of where you can go for treatment with your insurance in any place you visit in case of an emergency.

If your child takes medicine for a recurring condition, it's a good idea to carry enough with you just in case, they get sick. Also, have a first aid kit at hand to deal with small injuries.

  1. Take it easy

Accept that when traveling with your baby, you may not do all you want. Just explore where you can as a family, have fun whenever possible, and take it easy the rest of the time. Also, give each other space to go out and explore in turns for some necessary alone time.

Overall, traveling with a baby is great. As long as they have you and their needs are met, they are great company. You will surely make lasting memories that make everything worthwhile. Try it!


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