Things to do with the family at home

Things to do with the family at home

March 25, 2020 3 Comments

The Corona Virus is forcing more and more people to work from home or self-quarantine. In addition, many schools have closed and sent the kids home. That means lots of homes are at full capacity.

After waking up at the same time, and doing chores together, not much is left to do. You could go out, but that's prohibited in many countries. So what do you do? How about you have some fun in the house?

Here are some things you can do to keep your sanity during those long days indoors.


  1. Start an indoor garden

Spring is coming up. It's time to start planting and enjoying the outdoors.  You could start an indoor garden.

Creating a garden as a family is fun. You could grow herbs, veggies, or flowers. Kids are especially amazed when they can plant something, watch it grow, cook, and eat it.

  1. Do some arts and crafts projects

If you have kids in the house, occupying their time with art projects is an excellent way to keep them out of your way. Children are also naturally creative and enjoy making things with different kinds of art supplies.

Here are some fun art projects you can enjoy as a family.

  • Paint or draw: Give your children lots of paper and crayons to draw anything they please. Make them happy by sticking some of their art on prominent areas of the home, such as the fridge.
  • Papier-mâché art: You can use papier-mâché to make sculptures, and paint them. Or create some useful items such as fruit bowls or a piñata.
  • Create jewelry: Buy some beading supplies and create jewelry together. The best part about making jewelry is that you get to wear what you make.

  1. Play board games

You can spend hours playing board games as a family. They draw people away from electronics and allow everyone to interact.

Try to choose games that inspire you to think. These kinds of games are great for kids as they help build their reasoning capacity. 

Some good examples of mind building board games are;

  • Scrabble: Helps broaden word capacity especially for kids who are learning how to spell or improve their vocabulary
  • Monopoly: With fake money to spend, your kids can learn how to subtract and add. You can also teach them some financial lessons like the value of avoiding debt and how to spend money wisely.
  • Pictionary: Combine words and drawing on a whiteboard and have lots of fun together.

  1. Make stuff from recycled material

Recycling should be second nature in your home. A fantastic way to recycle is to turn trash into treasures. 

Kids love such projects. They are also an excellent way to make memories. Try the following recycling projects the next time you get bored.

  • Paint glass bottles to create cute vases or decorate them with materials such as glitters, or sand.
  • Cut plastic bottles into half, and paint them to make fun pen holders. You could also make wind vanes from plastic bottles.
  • Make puppets from old socks and stage your own puppet show

  1. Read! Read! Read!

When all else fails, books can save the day. To keep things peaceful at home, stock up on fun books and let everyone spend time in the house just reading.

If you don't like to read, you could listen to audiobooks. Kids may enjoy books with lots of pictures or interactive books such as Gallop.

There is a book for everyone. Do you have some favorite books for kids or adults you can recommend? Please share them with us in the comments.


These are some ways you can enjoy your days at home as you sit out the Corona Virus pandemic.

Remember, allowing your kids to enjoy an activity of their choice on their own is also an option.

However, if you want to have some family fun, these suggestions will come in handy the next time you have to stay at home due to bad weather or during a long weekend.


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