Things to do this summer holiday on a budget

Things to do this summer holiday on a budget

June 17, 2019

Summer equals fun and relaxation for most people. It's time to soak in the warm weather and enjoy great activities with family. Sometimes, the fun can be cut short due to money issues.

If you have to spend this summer with your family on a tight budget, do not despair. There are great ways to have fun as a family on a budget. Here are a few ideas for inexpensive outings you can try.

  1. Visit a summer fair

Most kids and some adults love spending days at amusement parks because there are lots of fun activities to enjoy. However, they can be expensive, and with a big family, it may not be possible.

A great option is to visit the country fairs. There is always a country fair going on in your local area or town. Try to visit one or two, and you may have just as much fun as you would at Disney while saving money.

P.S: The lines at fairs are not as long as in Disney and other big amusement parks plus you can time it to avoid the heat.

  1. Go hiking and camping

Spending time in nature as a family is an excellent way of making memories. You can enjoy some quality time hiking in various nature trails for free. You can ride horses where available, go biking, and enjoy nature. If, as a parent, you need to get away from the demands of real life and bond with your children, hiking is a great idea.

If you can combine hiking with camping it will be an even greater experience. It's always fun to camp as a family. You get to spend time outdoors, fish where there is a body of water and sleep under the night sky telling stories, and eating smores. 

  1. Learn something new

New learning experiences are essential for children as they grow up. Try to find ways for your kids to learn something new on a budget each summer. You can enroll them in inexpensive online courses to learn a language or skill of their choice.

Also, look up any free lessons on exciting things that are offered in your area. Imagine if you did this every summer - how knowledgeable would your kids be? You can always join in too. It doesn't hurt to learn something new even in adulthood.

  1. Visit a park or zoo

Seeing wildlife is a fantastic idea for a family outing. A great way to spend summer days as a family is to visit national parks and zoos in your state. Kids will enjoy looking at various animals and learning more about their habits.

There is always something exciting happening at national parks or zoos and it’s a great way to have quality time with family for little or no money. You only need to do some research online for great days to visit zoos and National parks for free or at summer discounts and book a trip. Try it!

  1. Go swimming at the beach

If you live close to the beach, why don't you pack your beach items, bundle up in the car and go spend a day in the water? It's one of the best and simple ways to spend a day in summer for very little money.

Children enjoy splashing in the ocean, playing with sand and running around looking for shells in summer. You can also swim or surf together. The salt air is terrific, and your skin needs a tan too.

  1. Have them volunteer

You can also encourage your kids to volunteer during summer and give back to the community. Volunteering is a great way to instill self-awareness in kids.

It helps if they spend a few of their free days volunteering at a place they like, such as a pet shelter. There is always something to do, and it gives them a balanced perspective of the world, which is essential.  It's also a nice way to make friends.

These are a few suggestions on how to enjoy summer on a budget with your family. You can make kids happy on a budget. There is always something fun and exciting you can do as a family at little to no cost. Just do some research.

Happy summer!

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