The importance of family life

The importance of family life

April 05, 2019

If you walk into any busy family restaurant these days, you may be dismayed to find most of the people eating focused on their devices while waiting for their meal instead of interacting with each other. Sadly, the same is happening in most homes around the world.

It feels as if the importance of family life has been forgotten. Family members are increasingly drifting away from each other as they spend more time watching TV and socializing on their phones. Clearly, it's time to get back to family bonding and being present.

What is family bonding?

Family bonding refers to spending quality time as a family doing things that bring everyone closer. There are various things you can do as a family to strengthen the bond. Here are a few suggestions.

- Taking meals together

A simple way to bond as a family is to eat together. During family meals, it's important to ban electronic devices from the table. Also, put off phones and avoid receiving or making calls. Instead, share the day's activities, stories, and jokes as you relax. Pay attention to your children and listen to what they have to say. It will strengthen your relationships with each other.

- Vacations and getaways

Getting away as a family for a day or two or even a week gives everyone time to enjoy each other's company without the daily routine distractions. You can go for hikes, picnics, road trips, and camping among other fun activities. It doesn't have to cost a lot. Just ensure that everyone has fun and nobody gets stuck into their phones and iPads spoiling the fun.

- Tackling chores together

Although work is not fun, it's essential that you learn how to work as a family. The organization, commitment, and teamwork needed to work together at tasks will help create a great family bond. Working together also builds a great attitude and discipline in all members of the family.

- Communicate

As a parent, make a point of calling your kids and /or spouse wherever they are during the day to find out how they are doing. It makes them feel loved and important. You can also send warm messages to them just to show that you care about them or to encourage them.

- Community work

A worthwhile way to enhance the family bond is by volunteering or working on community projects. It's a sure way to make everyone in the family conscious of the needs of the community and the less fortunate.  So put down your gadgets and go work at a homeless or pet shelter, perhaps attend a fundraising drive for a special cause. You can never regret giving your time and energy to a good cause.

-Learn something new

Discovering new things as a family is great. The experience of learning new things together is unforgettable and beneficial for all. Some great lessons to try are cooking lessons, language lessons, and self-defense classes among others. Make sure you choose something that your kids will enjoy learning, and that will benefit them in the future.

- Family meetings

As a family, it is essential to have some rules. The family needs to move forward as a unit in agreement. Having regular family meetings will help put everyone in one frame of mind. It's also an excellent place for family members to express their dissatisfaction about things. This is a great way for everyone to feel heard and to realize that others can help solve a problem or put one at ease.

- Time with extended family

It is also important to spend time with extended family. For example, cherished individuals such as grandparents should feature prominently in your family life. They need you and deserve your time. Visit them or let them visit your home regularly. Spend your time together doing fun stuff or just hanging out together. It's priceless!

- Weekly entertainment nights

It's important to have fun nights together as a family. You can do this by having a game night or movie night together. You can also go out for a meal or visit interesting places such as the zoo, museums, amusement parks and more. Remember, always be present, and you will enjoy yourself and make awesome memories.

These are a few things you can do for family bonding time. Try them out and see what a beautiful change it brings to your home. After all, when all is said and done, your family should always come first and the memories you enjoy together will be cherished always.

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