Summertime Activities You can do at home

Summertime Activities You can do at home

July 19, 2020

Summer is here with us, and after a tough time dealing with the Corona pandemic, we all want to relax and have a good time.

Unfortunately, since we still have to adhere to Corona regulations in most places, it's not going to be a summer like the rest. This Summer, we may have to stay in our homes more and avoid socializing as we did before.

However, that doesn't mean we can't have fun. We can still have a great time, it only requires us to get more creative. Here are some great activities you can enjoy with your family and friends at home this Summer.

  1. Picnic in your backyard

Although you can't go out to the park or other outdoor places to enjoy a picnic, that doesn't mean you can't have one. You can enjoy a midday picnic in the front or backyard of your home instead.

Just grab a basket and blanket with your favorite foods and drinks and enjoy the sun and fresh air safely in your garden or yard. The kids can run around there, and you can eat and socialize with each other without fearing that you will get infected by the virus.

  1. Camp at home

Many kids are sad because they won't be able to attend Summer camp. If your kids are yearning for some camping, they can still do it - but at home.

Pitch a tent out in your backyard, get some sleeping bags, and build a small fire or set up a stove to stay warm. You can stargaze (buy them a portable telescope for this), tell stories, and make s' mores, among other fun camping activities. It may end up being even more fun than camping out in the wild.

You could also set up a tent in the comfort of your living room and enjoy an indoor movie night together by projecting a movie on the wall. The kids will enjoy camping with a twist as they munch on snacks and drink hot chocolate with some marshmallows.

  1. Play indoors

Even if you have to stay home due to the Coronavirus regulations, that doesn't mean you can't stay active. Kids especially get bored when they are cooped up indoors with nothing to do.

Therefore, it's a good idea to get the kids to stay active by jumping rope, playing hula-hoop or hopscotch, and biking, among other activities.

Try to choose fun activities they can enjoy in the safety of your compound. If your kids are really creative, you could set up a talent show and let everyone showcase what they are good at just remember to take videos for some great memories.

  1. Barbecue with family

We still have to find time for family, and a great way to socialize is while enjoying food. Since its not a good idea to hold gatherings in the house, why don't you take it outside where people can social distance and get some fresh air? An evening barbecue with the family is a great way to do this.

Remember to keep it simple by inviting a few people and where possible, let people use packaged condiments and eat packed snacks such as chips.  Also, ensure you have hand sanitizer at hand to ensure people's hands are clean. 

  1. Get creative

After all, is said and done: Summer is not only a time to play but also a time to teach kids to be responsible. There are some activities you can do with the kids to teach them some great lessons.

For example, you could show them how to make lemonade or home-made popsicles, cook some simple meals, or learn how to tie and dye.

You could also teach them to wash the car and let them earn some pocket money from that. Anything they can do to stay busy that will also help them become responsible kids in the future is a great choice.

What fun activities do you plan to enjoy this Summer?

These are some stimulating activities you can enjoy at home with your family this Summer. You don't have to let these sunny days pass you by. As long as you take appropriate precautions to prevent infection, including wearing masks and social distancing, you can still have a great Summer.


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