Safety Tips for Trick-or-Treating with Your Children This Halloween

Safety Tips for Trick-or-Treating with Your Children This Halloween

October 30, 2018

Halloween is second to Christmas when it comes to popularity and is one holiday that children and adults enjoy. For most people, Halloween is a time to have fun enjoying the spooky decorations, costumes, and parades on display.

The scarier the better is the theme for Halloween, and everybody gets a kick out of it. It's like a great costume party that most families enjoy celebrating. However, the night of Halloween also comes with lots of accidents as most children are extremely excited and often find themselves in harm's way.

As a parent, you must ensure the safety of your children this Halloween. Here are a few do's and don'ts to follow when keeping your children safe while they have fun trick-or-treating.

  1. Make your child visible in the dark

Since a big part of trick-or-treating happens after dark, it is advisable that you make bright and visible costumes for your child. Choose bright reflective colors that will make your child stand out in the night to avoid accidents such as being harmed by a car.

Some great colors for Halloween costumes are yellow, white and luminous orange among others. If your child must have a dark-colored costume, then put some reflective tape on it to make sure he/she is visible.

  1. Fitting Halloween costumes

Ensure that your child's costume is the right fit for him/her to avoid any cases of tripping or suffocation. Your child should be able to breathe and see when wearing the Halloween costume comfortably. Avoid those masks that are tight around the nose and make it hard to see what they are doing. Instead, paint your child's mask on using non-toxic face paint.

  1. Let there be light!

In as much as the dark is exciting on Halloween, it's vital that children see where they are going when out trick-or-treating. A good idea is to give your child a flashlight for use during the walk about the neighborhood.

Discourage children from approaching dark homes or entering any houses. Any place they go trick-or-treating must be well-lit, and they should get the candy at the door and not inside the house.

  1. Patrol the trick or treat area beforehand

During the day, before the Halloween night activities, walk around the areas you expect your child to go trick-or-treating. You can then map out a safe route through which to take the kids during the Halloween festivities. The goal is to avoid any dangerous neighborhoods and keep to safe, well-lit areas.

  1. Chaperon

Do not let your children go out trick or treating unsupervised. The night of Halloween is a night when most unsavory people take the chance to try to do some harm. That's why it is good for children to go trick-or-treating in groups of kids that are well- known to each other and under responsible adult supervision.

  1. Focus on the kids

If you choose to escort the kids during trick-or-treating on Halloween, keep in mind that it's not the time to focus on your phone or any other distractions. Focus entirely on the kids as it takes just one look away, for a child to run off and get into trouble. Make sure the kids all walk on the sidewalk and watch over them when they cross the road at all times.

  1. Check the sweets and treats

Encourage the children to check their trick-or-treat stash before consuming it. Some people stuff harmful objects into candy, and you don't want your child to consume such tainted sweets. Also, warn your children to avoid homemade treats since you never know what has been used to make them. Make sure that any unsealed candy is thrown away as well.

  1. Watch out for allergies

Many kids are allergic to peanut butter and other ingredients that we often find in candy. Make sure any kids suffering from allergies have their medication at hand. However, children with severe allergies are better off at home as you cannot guarantee their safety on a day when all types of sweets made of common allergens such as peanuts are all over. A popular trend is for a house to have teal pumpkins or signs that announce they are an allergy free home and that it is safe for children with allergy.  This is great news for kids with allergy but we still must be vigilant since kids often swap candies during the night.

Follow these do's and don'ts and you will ensure your safety and that of your child when you go out for a trick-or-treat adventure this Halloween. Always remember that the goal is to have fun and stay safe!

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