Preparing your home for Christmas

Preparing your home for Christmas

December 03, 2018

Christmas, the most wonderful time of the year is right around the corner. Many of us are looking forward to good laughs and fun, memorable time with family and friends.

However, inviting friends and family over requires being organized ahead of time. Here are a few areas to prepare in your home ahead of your Christmas celebrations.

  1. Clean up your compound

When your guests drive up, the first thing they will see is your yard and the entrance to your home. Make sure you clean up these areas and put up some simple decorations for the season. Let your front yard exhibit warm ambiance and a welcoming aura that will get your guests in the mood for celebrations from the start.

  1. Glam up your hallway

Ensure that your foyer is welcoming and clean so that your guests feel at home as soon as they step foot into your house. Let the entrance have some Christmas decorations and a warm glow to it. Get rid of any unnecessary clutter and prepare an ample area for guests to hang their coats. Also, keep a place for changing of shoes in case its lousy weather outside. 

  1. Organize the kitchen

As a gracious host, you need to organize your kitchen to accommodate your guests. You can do this by labeling spices, flour containers, condiments, and other essentials. Also, organize your cutlery and crockery, so that it's easy for them to find anything they need when preparing a meal. Shop for anything that your guests prefer especially in the case of food allergies. The idea is to make your kitchen as accessible as possible to your guests during their stay.

  1. Cozy up guest bedrooms

It's important that your guests feel welcome during their visit with you this Christmas. A great way to do this is to give them a cozy place to lay their head at night and spend their private moments. Clean out a guest room for your visitors and make sure that they have all the clean linen they need. You may also put in extras such as slippers, warm coats, nightwear, new toothbrushes and bottles of lotion.  A chocolate bar on the pillow or some flowers on the bedside table will not hurt. Just make your guest feel as welcome and cozy as possible while they sleep in your home.

  1. Spick and span guest bathroom

If possible, let your guests have a bathroom to themselves. Clean the guest bathroom up and make sure it’s stocked up with enough toiletries and towels for the duration of their stay. Put in some great bathrobes, and warm mats as well as scented candles to give the bathroom a warm feel.

  1. Jazz up the family room

Your family and friends will spend a lot of time in the family room opening presents, listening to Christmas carols, or watching some great program on TV. Make sure the room is free of clutter and has comfortable seats to accommodate your family and guests during your gathering. Decorate the family room in a beautiful way that will fill everyone with Christmas cheer. You can invite your friends and family to decorate the space with you for some fun, memorable Christmas moments.

  1. Lay out the dining area

The best way to celebrate Christmas is with good food and your friends and family gathered around the dinner table. Ensure that your dining area is ready to accommodate the number of guests you will have over for Christmas dinner. Prepare any crockery and cutlery in advance by washing and polishing it properly. Also, put up nice table covers and centerpieces to liven up the table.

These are a few ways to prepare your home for guests and family during Christmas. Don't wait until the last minute. Set aside the month to prepare your home thoroughly so that when Christmas comes, you are ready to sit back and enjoy the night making lasting memories with your family and friends. Remember, that no matter what, your loved ones will love the time spent with you making memories more than a perfect home.  Plan ahead but learn to let go of the little details and enjoy the holidays.

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