Night prep for early mornings

Night prep for early mornings

August 13, 2019

School days are chaotic in many homes. Between packing lunches, finding outfits, and organizing school bags, there is often barely time to say I love you to one another as people get out the door. That's why it's essential to do preparations for school days the night before to ensure a peaceful morning. Here are tips to help every parent make school mornings a breeze.

1.Pack school bags the night before

It is wise to secure school requirements at night, to cut down on any chaos on a school morning. As a parent, it helps if you make a checklist for things that the kids need for the day to help you plan ahead, and be organized. Think homework (completed and checked), any activity uniform such as sports kits, and daily school essentials such as books and pens.

Organization tip

Some times things get unpacked from bags and get left behind the next day. To avoid this, set up a school work area at home where all school work is done and school items found. That way, you don't have to go around the house looking for random school items on school mornings.

  1. Prepare school clothes

Looking for outfits for kids to wear to school in the morning is tiring and sometimes stressful. Instead, try to choose outfits at night to make dressing on school day stress-free.

Try to always check the forecast for the next day's weather to pick some appropriate outfits. It will allow you to see that your child's clothes are clean appropriate, and presentable so that he/she is always well-dressed for school.

  1. Set out breakfast

You may get a few minutes to sleep in if you do things the night before the school day. A good idea is to set out breakfast for the kids the previous night. If you want to cook,  set out the essentials before you go to bed so that when you wake up, all you need to do is prepare the food.

Otherwise, if the kids prefer breakfast cereals, set out bowls and spoons, and also ensure they know where the milk is ( add a fruit please). That way, they can prepare their breakfast without you being there. It also ensures they get a good meal in their stomach before school.

  1. Pack school lunches

For school lunches, make things like sandwiches that are easy to pack, add fruit and some dessert cups, then put the food in individual lunch boxes. Let the lunches stay in the fridge for the next day so that after breakfast, you hand it over to the kids as they get out the door.

As you are setting out the next day's breakfast, why don't you prepare the school lunches too? Alternatively, you could give the children lunch money, which makes everything way easy.

  1. Early shower, early night

Cut down on the chaos during school nights by making sure everyone takes showers the previous night. That way, after waking up and taking breakfast, they only need to wear the outfits you set out the last night, and shoot out the door.

Also, see that the kids get early to bed every school night to get enough rest so they can handle early mornings with ease. It's a good idea to keep electronics away from them and even limit TV time, so they go to sleep early.

These are tips for making school mornings a little less chaotic for the whole family. Try them!

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