New Year Resolutions for Moms

New Year Resolutions for Moms

January 01, 2019

The new year is a fresh slate for you momma.  Every mother wants to be a good mom, but we don't always feel like we are doing things right. This coming year, plan to do better by writing out and following resolutions that will create a better version of you.

My outlook in life over the years has changed a lot after I started to make New Year resolutions and work on them throughout the year. Here are a few things I plan on doing this year that you can pick a leaf from while creating your own resolutions.

  1. Get intentional about your goals

Yes, you have a lot to do mommy, but most of it is not going to get done if you do not get intentional about doing it. So make sure you get a planner, a diary, an app or any other scheduling tool you can use to plan your day, month and year.

Write out your goals and plans and schedule time to get them done ignoring all else. You will find that a lot of unnecessary stuff falls on the wayside and you accomplish more of what you feel is essential.

  1. Work on your health and fitness

One thing that I plan to focus on to help me in my quest to create a fabulous new me is to look after my health, and exercise often. This new year, adopt new ways of looking after your health.

Make time to go for health check-ups, change your diet to include healthy food choices, and exercise regularly. It is not about joining a gym, you can walk around the neighborhood or do a brief yoga video at some point during the day. The goal is to be consistent for it to become a habit. You will look much better, and you will feel amazing as you bring out a better version of yourself.

  1. Build a solid support system

My outlook in life has changed for the better over the years as a result of sharing ideas and working with others. So this year, as part of creating a new me, I want to create a supportive circle of friends and family. You could do the same!

Start by getting to know a couple or two who share your beliefs, that you can have healthy and fun couple dates with regularly. Also, spend more time with loving family members that you get along with so that you can have great family moments.  You need a supportive circle to help you through the bad patches and celebrate your wins.

  1. Be present for your spouse and children

After everything is said and done, our partners and children are the most important people to us. So this year, part of my "new me, new ways" resolutions is to give a lot of quality time to my spouse and children doing things they like.

Make sure you carve out time to spend time with each person individually to really make connections and lasting memories. Also, schedule time each week for a family date with your husband and children having fun. By year end, you will have a lot of awesome memories to look back on.

  1. Make some time for you

Overall, if you don't make time for yourself, you will lose your mind kidding! To be a good mom, you need to make time each day to just spend time by yourself and relax.

A good approach is to set apart some "me time" during the day for between 30 minutes to an hour for YOURSELF. I know it may seem like a lot but it’s a good idea to start in small breaks of 15 minutes then 30 and pretty soon you will be able to carve out an hour from a hectic day. You need time to unwind, your relationship, family, career, and life, in general, will be better for it.

These are the New Year resolutions I plan to adapt for the coming year. You too can sit down and write a list of your own. It's a great way to create a better version of yourself so that you have great things to celebrate at the end of the year.  Happy New Year!

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