Love yourself: The importance of 'mom time' for busy mothers

Love yourself: The importance of 'mom time' for busy mothers

October 23, 2018

You love your kids, there's no doubt about that - but sometimes they drive you up the wall! It’s alright momma, it's normal to feel overwhelmed. It takes a lot to keep a home running smoothly and ensure that your children and husband are okay every day.

The problem is that you, like many other moms, are always thinking of others and putting your needs on the back burner. You do all this in the name of love, but what about your needs? Are you taking care of yourself?

All mothers need some time away 


The first rule of survival as a mom is to love yourself just as much as you love your family. The importance of scheduling some time during the day for yourself cannot be underestimated. It’s what we call 'me time' or 'mom time'.

 Of course, there is always the guilt of leaving your kids for some hours or even a day in pursuit of your own happiness, but you deserve it! You may also fear for their well-being, but I promise you, your family will be okay without you for the length of time you need to take care of yourself.

Mom's 'me time' is great for the whole family

A little time away from your family will allow you to blow off steam, go someplace and think about something else other than your kids, the chores and your husband. 

Some regular 'mom time' will also teach everyone in the family to take responsibility for their well-being. It means that your husband can learn to take care of his kids’ needs for at least a day, without your help. Your kids will also learn to do various chores alone and stay busy while you are gone. 

How to schedule some mom time

At first, there may be boundary issues as your family is used to calling on you for everything. However, you must put your foot down and emphasize, with the help of your partner, that mom's private time is essential.

Although you will feel guilty at first, know that it's of great importance to your physical and mental health that you do this, and it's totally doable. Start by scheduling half an hour each day where you have a nap in the home undisturbed, read a book or do something you like.

The main rule here is that everyone knows you must not be disturbed unless it's an absolute emergency. With time you can take a free day or two or even a week away for yourself.

During 'mom time,' you can go out with friends, explore new places, stay at a spa or go to a fitness or yoga retreat. The goal is to immerse yourself in something that improves you and makes you happy. It's your time to unwind, let your hair down and regroup.

Importance of a great support system for busy moms

Keep in mind that it’s easy to find time for yourself when you have a great support system to fall back on. You can call on loyal friends, the kid's grandparents and other family members to take care of the children when 'mom time' involves spending time with daddy.

It's also a good idea to find a reliable babysitter or two that you can leave your kids with when you need some time away. There are so many ways to create some mom time; just let go, and it will be okay. Your husband and kids are more resilient than you think, so momma love yourself!

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