Lessons to Teach Your Kids About Gifts This Christmas

Lessons to Teach Your Kids About Gifts This Christmas

December 24, 2018

Christmas holidays are upon us, and everyone is excited. The idea of spending time with family and friends fills us with happiness.  However, you can bet that out of all the members of the family, the children are the most excited about celebrating Christmas. To them, this is a time to get presents and amazing surprises.

Christmas anxiety!

On the other hand, lots of parents are anxiously shopping for gifts for their children and loved ones. Some are overwhelmed with anxiety because they don't know what to get their beloved children. Others are sad, maybe because they will not have enough to buy the presents, they want for their kids. All around, there is a mix of emotions attached to the subject of Christmas presents.

It's plain to see that most of us are focused on ourselves and our needs or the needs of those close to us. It's no surprise that our children are focused on the same thing because they learn from watching us. Unfortunately, while it is not wrong to love gifts, focusing on our needs and wants alone detaches us from the true meaning of Christmas.

Christmas is a celebration of God's gift to us through His Son. It shows and reminds us of unmatched selflessness. It is upon us to demonstrate similar kindness by allocating some time, energy, and emotion to helping the less fortunate in our communities. Children need to learn this more than any other people in the family.


It is vital that we teach our children to give to others. As much as they like to receive, let us show them that it's better to give than to receive. They need to know from an early age that there are people that are facing difficulties in life. These people do not have the chance to enjoy Christmas with gifts, great food, new clothes and other amazing things they get every day. In this way, we will be raising conscious children that are aware of the lack in the world and are willing to lend a hand where they can.

The true joy of giving

One great way to encourage giving in children is to invite them to do so actively. Apart from enjoying Christmas celebrations, they need to experience the true joy of giving.  Make a point of doing it as a family so that your children see, that apart from getting gifts, helping others is rewarding and a source of great happiness.

Different ways to encourage your child to give this Christmas

- Donate clothes and toys

Instead of keeping clothes or toys they have outgrown, help your child donate them to organizations that need them this Christmas. Get a box or bag and help your child pick out any clothes or toys they can give to organizations such as Good Will, family shelters, orphanages and other places that help the less fortunate.

- Contribute to a charity of their choice

There are lots of amazing organizations that are focused on helping others. Help your child to pick a charity that resonates with him or her. Check if they have events you can participate in for volunteer work, and other ways you can donate to them regularly to help them keep assisting others.

- Thanksgiving gifts

Our children have lots of people in their lives that contribute to their happiness. It's a great idea to gift such people as a token of appreciation.  Sit down with your child and prepare gifts for the favorite people in their lives apart from family members such as their favorite teacher or devoted nanny. It's an excellent way for them to learn how to be grateful to others.


These are a few ways to teach your child that it's better to give than to receive. Teaching children valuable lessons such as giving is a great way to build character. Help your child be a giver, and he/she will be a blessing to you and others. Happy holidays!

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