How to make a long and lasting marriage a happy marriage

How to make a long and lasting marriage a happy marriage

April 03, 2019

A long lasting and happy marriage is a goal for most people. It's the bedrock of a happy family. However, staying married for a long time does not equal happiness. Sometimes these marriages are full of challenges and unhappiness.

In spite of the challenges of staying in a marriage for a long time, many couples are making it work and are happy with one another after spending years together. If you want to have a happy and committed marital relationship you can do it too. Here are some tips to help you.

  1. Communication

Honest communication is essential in any relationship. Make sure you are always ready to talk with your better half about any issue and if you are not let them know and find a time in the near future to do so.  Not addressing issues on time is a sure way to let problems pile up.  Pretty soon you are arguing about trivial stuff instead of what really bothers you. You may not always agree, but you must be aware of and respect each other's views on any matter of importance to both.

  1. Compromise

While you may talk about everything with your husband or wife, it goes without saying that you will disagree on some things. If you each hold your position and refuse to budge, your marriage will stumble. Instead, compromise so that you can both maintain your identity as you navigate through marriage in peace.

  1. Intimacy

A long and lasting marriage without closeness or intimacy is boring. Intimacy refers to any acts of love that make your partner feel closer to you than any other person. It leads to a deep understanding of each other that adds amazing love to your relationship. Intimacy goes deeper than lovemaking. Cultivate it in your marriage!

  1. Support

You should be the number one supporter of your spouse. Your partner should always feel that you have their back and vice versa. Marriages where the husband and wife are each other's strength last through any difficulty. Just avoid supporting any unlawful or immoral acts!

  1. Friendship

One thing is for sure, your spouse should be your friend if not your best friend. Before you have a loving relationship, create a foundation of friendship. Friends share the same interests or at least enjoy spending time together. If your spouse is your friend, you are guaranteed to weather most of the storms that affect marriages with ease.

- Things that threaten a happy marriage

There are also some things you should refrain from that spell doom for any relationship or marriage. Here are the top important ones.


  1. Financial disagreements

Financial problems are very common and hard to fix if they become routine in the marriage life. You need to discuss and agree on how to handle money issues as a couple. Couples that plan their finances together are much more likely to stick together than those that don't.

  1. Meddlers

Let your family and friends know that you stand up for your wife or husband and ensure they stay out of your marital issues. Keeping a clear boundary concerning meddlers in your marriage will give your union a chance to last.

  1. Disrespect

Avoid acts of disrespect towards your partner. Treat each other with kindness and dignity regardless of whatever you are going through in your marriage. It keeps the fire burning and helps you maintain your friendship, especially during rough times.

  1. Lack of identity

If you want a healthy marriage, nurture other parts of your life outside of your relationship. Allow your spouse to explore their own interests as you pursue your own as long as you do not disrespect each other. You need this to grow as individuals, and it makes your union interesting and keeps it fresh because you can share this part of your life with them as well.

  1. Varying principles

Make sure you and your spouse are going in the same direction and agree on the same major life principles before you venture into a marital union. That way, you will find it easy to build lasting love together.

These are a few tips on how to maintain a long and lasting marriage. Apply them in your marriage, and you will enjoy a happy union.


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