How to kick start your Halloween preparations

How to kick start your Halloween preparations

October 19, 2019

If you love all things spooky, then you must be excited about Halloween. It's time to wear fun costumes, eat candy, and throw scary elaborate parties. However, before the fun begins, somebody has to do the planning. Any great Halloween party requires early preparations, and these are the things you should have in mind.

  1. Do you have a Halloween budget?

Usually, when we spend money on something we love, it's easy to go overboard. You may love Halloween so much, that when you go shopping for candies, decorations, or costumes, you may end up spending more than you should.

That's why it is essential to figure out a Halloween budget before you begin your Halloween preparations. Decide how much money you are willing to spend on everything and try not to cross that line when it comes to shopping. Waiting for Halloween discounts during sales before you go shopping will also save you a lot of money. You will be glad you did this when the celebrations are over.

  1. Where are the costumes?

Once you decide what you want to spend, it’s time for costume and props planning and buying Halloween stuff.  Since it’s such a popular holiday, if you wait too long, you will find that all the best ones are gone from the stores.

So decide what your Halloween costumes will be and get them ready early. If you don't want to buy your costumes, make sure you have the supplies necessary to make them, so you don't get stuck without come Halloween.

Places to get costumes or material for great costumes are;

  • Your stash of old clothes
  • Thrift stores
  • Dollar stores
  • Halloween sales
  • Cheap online buys from places like E-bay

  1. What's your Halloween party venue going to look like?

You could hold a Halloween party in your house without decorations, but where's the fun in that? Instead, think about the theme of your Halloween party and get started on the decor as soon as possible.

Do you want a house of goblins, a castle of vampires, a den of witches, or a room of scary clowns? When you pick your Halloween theme, it will make it easy to buy the necessary supplies and decorate your party venue. There is so much scary stuff you can do, and putting up the decorations is a fun way to create memories on Halloween Eve that will last a lifetime.

Consider making most of your party props. You can make it a fun project to do as a family, especially when carving pumpkins to make Jack O lanterns, baking scary desserts, and creating Halloween party invitation cards or favors.

Get your Halloween DIY inspiration from scary movies, Halloween party guides, Pinterest, Youtube, etc. If you make excellent decorations, you could re-use them in years to come.

  1. What have you got for trick-or-treating?

Let's face it, the highlight of Halloween apart from scaring people is eating lots of candy. Even adults love it. Therefore, you need to prepare bulk bags of candy not only for the family but also for the cute trick-a-treaters that will be passing by.

You can prepare Halloween treats or recipes or buy your candy from the store.  Choose scary-looking sweets and mix them in with the regular ones. It will add some pizzas to the trick-a-treaters adventures. 

  1. Safety for the kids

With all the games and parties to attend on Halloween, kids run around a lot in the dark, and it exposes them to accidents. Therefore, while making your Halloween preparations, please plan for the children's safety too. Here are ways you can plan for your kids' safety on Halloween;

  • Buy glow-in-the-dark items such as glasses, headbands, wristbands, or glow sticks for the kids to wear on Halloween. It will make them visible in the dark.
  • Find responsible adults to take your kids trick-or-treating on Halloween.
  • Map a route for trick-or-treating that skips houses and areas you think will not be safe for the kids to go to, such as places with heavy traffic.
  • Plan to take the kids for trick-a-treating early in the evening when it's easier to see, and there is more candy available.

Those are our tips to help you with your Halloween preparations. What other amazing things do you do to prepare for Halloween? It's only a few weeks away, so we all need all the tips and tricks we can get to make this year's Halloween unforgettable. Happy Halloween!

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