How to keep kids busy without spending a fortune

How to keep kids busy without spending a fortune

January 20, 2019

Kids are fun to be with, but they can be a handful when bored. At such times we need to encourage them to do something fun and productive.

Well, children love to play, and there are many fun activities you can teach them and will keep them busy when you want some time to yourself. These activities either cost nothing or are budget-friendly. Here are a few examples.

  1. Dancing

During bad weather or dull days, opt for less screen time and focus on healthier play options. A good choice is dancing to fun music.

Dancing and music time with kids is the perfect activity to create more happy moments at less cost. There are great DVDs you can buy to help your kids dance as you encourage them to shake their bodies, sing along and jump around.

  1. Arts and crafts

Arts and crafts are an exciting way to explore the creativity of your children. When you have an opportunity to stay at home, give them water paint, crayons, pencils, erasers and a roll of white paper. Spread the paper on the floor and let them color, paint or draw anything they like. Make sure you save some of the art to frame or stick up on the fridge to celebrate their work.

  1. Homemade stuff

You never know what your kids can create until you give them a chance. There are lots of things you can teach your children to make at minimal cost. For example, allow them to design their own t-shirts using paint or crayons.

You could also help them make jewelry for themselves or create vases and animal figures from paper mache. An even better idea is to show them how to cook simple meals. Not only it’s this a great bonding time with them but you increase their feelings of accomplishment. It is a great way for them to feel that they are contributing to the family.

  1. Outdoor fun

Kids love to play with water. Turn your backyard into a kids’ water park by filling an inflatable pool with water and allowing them to splash around as they like.

Another option is to create a kid’s obstacle course in your backyard for them to navigate. Use anything they can run around, over, through, or under as they chase each other and scream in joy. The more physical activities they engage in, the better their health will be and the less time they will want to spend in front of the TV.

  1. Home games

Instead of relying on digital games, try making your own home games.   A great option is a tennis game played with homemade racquets and balloons. Stick paper plates to wooden handles to make racquets, and use balloons as tennis balls. You could also line your staircase with some sturdy cardboard boxes to create a home slide. Just get creative!


  1. Camping

Camping is an excellent way for kids to play. You don't have to do it in the woods, it's achievable indoors too. Drape some sheets over big boxes, and you have a tent in the house.  Kids love this and will play pretend games in there for hours on end.

If the weather permits, take your camping to the backyard at night, grill some smores with them and tell them stories. Make it as real as possible, and they will enjoy it.

  1. Treasure hunt

Create a treasure hunt in your home, this will keep your kids busy when you need them out of your hair for some time. Make them believe they are detectives or pirates out on a hunt and create a mystery or search for goodies with a map and clues they can follow. It's an interesting way to encourage their brains to think as they search for the hidden treasure or try to unravel the mystery.

Mom tip!

Keep in mind that any play activity you choose will mold your child's behavior and thinking over time. So, try and select budget-friendly activities that;

- Encourages them to create

- Allows them to release pent up energy in a safe way

- Prompts them to explore their imagination

- Helps them identify or improve their talents

- Takes them out to explore nature and the outdoors

Have fun!

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