How to get your little ones excited about a special event

How to get your little ones excited about a special event

November 10, 2019 2 Comments

Frozen is one of the most beloved kids movies, perhaps of all time. Many parents have had to endlessly listen to the "let it go" song from the film, or watch their kids reenact scenes at home ever since it premiered.  Kids simply love it! That's why the upcoming sequel of the movie," Frozen 2", is guaranteed to be such a big event. Your child will want to go see it more than once. And they will likely all want to dress up like Elsa and Anna. This is a special occasion for them and you sure want to give them the best experience ever.

Girls love to dress up

The truth is, most girls love to dress up as princesses and female characters from their favorite movies. You might as well get ahead of the curve and buy your adorable girl an Elsa or Anna costume (depending on which character she loves) for Frozen 2 plus some princess shoes to go with it. She will be so excited!

Your child will look especially adorable if you dress her up in a Frozen costume and fashion jelly shoes with Disney's Frozen design when you take her to see the new Frozen movie. These shoes are comfy and convenient to wear so that your girl can run around as she likes without hurting her feet. She can also continue to wear them after the movie since they complement many other outfits.

Movie date with kids

Kids love spending time with the family and going to the movies is a great way to have some fun together. Kids love going to the movies to see films like Lion King, Frozen, or Abominable. That's because watching an animated movie on the big screen in 3D is not the same as watching it at home. It's so much better!

For starter, the excitement of dressing up for the movies, especially in costumes of some of their favorite characters, is unforgettable. Think of your child in her dream pair of shoes that are perfect for an ice queen costume or a princess outfit ( depending on which character she loves) ready for the movies.  It will make for great pictures and endless memories to share with her as she grows. 

Kids can also take pictures at the movie theater with big cardboard cutouts of famous characters from the film. It's great for you because you get to have beautiful photos of the movie experience for memories. It's a perfect option for a family day out!

Are you ready for Frozen 2?

If a day out to the movies with your kids sounds like fun, and they would love to watch Frozen 2, be aware that the movie is coming out this Nov. 22, 2019. It's quite close, so maybe you should plan for it? Your children will love you for it, and you will have a great time too.

To make your Frozen 2 movie date with your kids even more fun and exciting, make a point of dressing up for it. Think how adorable your little girl will look in a princess dress like the ones on Elsa and Anna, complete with some cute Disney Frozen fashion kids’ shoes? You can be sure there will be no fuss that day about what to wear.

Getting the Frozen inspired mini Melissa shoes will be as much for you as for your munchkin. They are comfortable and stylish girl shoes that she can walk around in with ease and still look good.

In fact, these kid's style shoes might end up being your child's favorite fashion kids shoes. A big reason for this may be because they have the characters of Anna and Elsa drawn in the insole. Wearing the shoes going to the movie that inspired their design will make the outing even more exciting for your child. She might not take them off, which is a win for you.

To finish things off nicely, consider accessorizing your child's Elsa outfit with some hair accessories. Nothing will look better than some pretty hair clips and headbands (Lilies and Roses) for your little princess to complete the outfit. Even after the movie day, she will still be able to accessories her hair with these headbands no matter what outfit she wears.

So now the count down begins as the sequel release of Frozen 2 slowly approaches. We hope you are preparing yourself for a fun movie experience with your kids. Please consider using our suggestions to help you pick out a great outfit for your child and make it an unforgettable day. Your children will love it! And so will you.

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