How to establish a great mother and daughter relationship

How to establish a great mother and daughter relationship

May 13, 2019

As a mother, what do you do to build relationships with your daughter at home? If there is a fragile relationship in the family unit, it is the relationship between mother and daughter.

Some mothers have a tight bond with their daughters while for others it’s an uphill battle full of fights and misunderstandings. If you are having a difficult time relating to your daughter, there are a few things you can do to improve your mother and daughter relationship.

  1. Ask questions and listen

Listening is a superpower in any relationship. Taking the time to talk to and listen to your daughter will help you understand her and her needs. It will also enable you to help her through any difficult times.

Ask about her fears, her future plans and dreams, her friends and favorite things to do. Give her space to talk, show her your support, and then find ways to help her through the hard times without casting judgment or criticizing her.

  1. Support her interests

One thing that causes conflict between moms and daughters is focusing on differences in tastes and interests. Understand that your daughter is not here to copy you, but to be her true self. When you do not accept her individuality, there is no doubt that conflict will arise.

How do you get past the differences in temperament, character, and interests between you and your daughter? You find common ground where you can bond. Learn about her interests and participate in them with her. For example, if she loves music, you could go to a concert with her. Through such interactions, you will also learn more about each other and establish a bond that will help you navigate through the tough times.

  1. Build her self-esteem

As a parent, emotional support should rank as high as providing for your child's basic needs. Low self-esteem causes a lot of unnecessary trouble in the lives of children today. As parents, we are the first people that our children turn to for self-assurance. The way we see them, talk about them and behave towards them creates a basis for how they feel about themselves and us.

Speaking words of encouragement and affirmation to your daughter will work wonders.  Show her that you believe in her and that she can do anything. Your emotional support will go a long way towards strengthening your bond.

  1. Be a good example and a teacher

Unfortunately, most of what our daughters do, they pick up from us. So it is essential that you show an excellent example to your daughter in your marriage, your home life, your work life, and social interactions. 

If you don't want your daughter to be rude, then encourage respectful interactions at home. The same applies to the mode of dressing and friendship connections. Of course, our children will often do what they want, but more often than not, in the end, they often become what they have seen at home.

  1. Boundaries! Boundaries! Boundaries!

One of the great helpful tips, learnings, and advice on mother-daughter relationships you will come across is the value of boundaries. Any relationship without healthy boundaries will crumble.

If you want a great relationship with your daughter, you must learn to respect her boundaries and ensure that she does the same for you. If you get this sorted, you will find that many of the challenges you face with your daughter disappear. It will foster respect between the two of you and also improve the way you relate to one another.

Mother and daughter relationships are sometimes challenging but working on them is worth it in the long run. With time, you and your daughter can become the best of friends. Just apply these few suggestions and see how it works out!

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