How to entertain kids while planning holidays at home

How to entertain kids while planning holidays at home

December 06, 2019

The holidays are here, and there are lots of things to do before we can relax and have fun. Hopefully, you had a memorable Thanksgiving, but now you need to make Christmas special.

The kids are also here with us, and they need a lot of our attention too. That makes it hard to concentrate on that guest lists you want to get done. Or figure out what kind of menu you will have for Christmas dinner. You love them, but you also really need some time to get your holiday plans together. How do you keep them busy or entertained? Here are a few kids' activities and other suggestions you can try.

  1. Delegate chores

Unforgettable holiday celebrations don't just happen. They come from lots of work. Unless you are planning to hire help, you will have lots of tasks to do. Instead of getting snowed down by chores, why don't you get help from the kids?

Give them chores to keep them constructively occupied as you concentrate on any necessary plans and arrangements for holiday parties, dinners, or get-togethers. It will make things easier for you.

  1. Board games

If you feel chores are too complicated for the kids, offer them board games to keep busy. Board games are some of the best family fun activities you can get. There is always a board game that will appeal to everyone. Get suggestions from the internet and bring some home for the holidays. Some great examples are;

  • Monopoly
  • Trivial pursuit
  • Scrabble
  • Clue
  • Sequence
  • Jenga

  1. Crafts

Crafts are the gift that keeps on giving.  They speak to kids' creative nature and offer a perfect opportunity for new learnings.

So, if you feel overwhelmed by the kids when planning or attending to your holiday plans, just set apart a kids craft corner somewhere out of the way and give them crafts to make and play with like slime and clay.

Other crafts the kids can enjoy this holiday are;

  • Crayons and painting tools for art
  • Jewelry making kits
  • Bubbles making sets
  • Origami making kits


  1. Cooking

You can also let them help you cook food. Kids can be great kitchen assistants. Cooking with kids also provides an opportunity for family bonding. There is a lot they can do in the kitchen. Such as;

  • Readout recipes to you or help you to measure out ingredients
  • Sweep up any mess on the kitchen floors or wash some utensils
  • If they are old enough, they could help peel potatoes or knead the flour for pastries.

Children also make great tasters and will save you the hassle of making endless trips looking for ingredients because you can send them. They make amazing helpers!

  1. Outdoor family fun

The last option is family fun activities, which are a healthy way to keep kids busy.  If you are looking for a way to get the children out of the house so you can do some decorating or party planning in peace this holiday, send them outdoors to enjoy some fun activities.

They can ride bikes, go to the park, enjoy some swimming, etc. Alternatively, you could give them no battery required toys and let them play with those outside instead. For example, they could throw frisbees, complete puzzles, build castles with Magna -tiles, etc.

If you are worried about their safety, you can designate some family members to chaperone them. The grandparents would love it, or one of the parents could volunteer watching out for them. That way, the kids can go outdoors and have fun while you concentrate on putting things together.

How do you keep kids busy when planning for the holidays?

These are a few ways to keep your children busy when planning for the holidays. You don't have to stretch yourself thin, managing the children, and getting things done this holiday. If you use these suggestions, you will be stress-free. That's because you will be able to concentrate on your holiday preparations without distractions while ensuring the kids have a good time and are constructively occupied, so they don't get into mischief.

Do you have any other suggestions on how to keep kids occupied when planning for the holidays? Why don't you share them with us in the comments? You can be sure many parents are looking for activities that will keep kids busy this holiday.

Happy holidays

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