How do you survive parenting?

How do you survive parenting?

November 25, 2018

Dealing with teens is challenging for many parents. The teen attitude these days is hard to understand. As a result, many homes are battlefields as parents struggle to raise their teenagers into responsible adults while remaining sane. If you are a parent or guardian dealing with the problems that come with raising teens, here are some teen parenting advices that can help.

  1. Bridge the gap by communicating

As you raise your teen child or children, you will notice that they feel everything is your fault because they think you are out of touch. It's a disconnect between how they see things and the way you do. The faster you bridge that gap, the easier it will be to come to an understanding with your teen. You can only do this by communicating with your child.

The trick to communicating with a teenager is to listen more and talk less. It is tempting to want to give them advice, after all, you know what they are going through, but resist to try to problem solve and just listen.  Otherwise, they tune you out and do what they want, when they like. Once they feel heard, teenagers respond better to parental guidance. You will also discover a lot about your child when you take this approach because he/she will keep communication lines open.

  1. Choose your battles

If you remember, being a teenager is quite confusing, so your child may not be having the time of their lives. That's one good reason for the horrible teen attitude these days. Your child is trying to understand themselves and how they fit into the world and needs your guidance more than your anger.

Therefore, leave the anger for the severe stuff, and try to guide teens through mistakes without unnecessary judgment or harsh treatment. Your role in your child's life as a teenager is to coach him/her through life. Dealing with teens through this phase requires a lot of patience; but with consistent guidance, things work out in the end.

  1. Information on adolescence

What teenagers need the most is information. Their bodies are rapidly changing, and they are learning to have their own views on everything. They are also bombarded with a lot of opinions from things and people around them.

Focus on teaching teenagers as much as you can about their body changes and the challenges of growing into adulthood without leaving anything out. Inform them how to handle their body changes, and feelings responsibly.

Most of the struggle from teens is growing pains as they try to come to terms with their development. It will be less stressful for your teenager to go through teenhood if he/she knows the changes to expect and how to handle them responsibly.

  1. Discipline without fail

In as much as you want to choose your battles, discipline is essential if you're going to succeed at parenting a teen. Teenagers will take advantage of any lack of structure and training to become unruly. So, make rules and routines and make sure they stick to them. Otherwise, if you allow them to do what they want, when they want, you may end up with bigger problems.

  1. Discover and nurture talent

During the teenage years, kids have a lot of energy. If you do not channel the attention of a teenager to constructive pursuits, it will flow to the wrong things.

It's your duty to identify your child\s interests and involve him/her in activities, clubs, and classes that will further develop these skills. Make sure they always have something beneficial and fun to engage in when free such as sports and music among others. Many of these interests will help your child make good friends, get creative, and reduce their unruly behavior.

These are just a few tips on things you can do to ease the challenges of raising a teenager. Dealing with teens is never easy, but it’s worth it in the end. Just hold on fast, practice these tips consistently, be there for your child, and soon he/she will be over this difficult phase and on the way to being a responsible adult.

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