How do you celebrate New Year?

How do you celebrate New Year?

December 29, 2019

It's finally time to celebrate the end of the year and usher in a new one. Preparations for New Year's Eve are already underway in many homes. For some, it's a time to reflect on the achievements of the past year and set new goals. For others, it's a chance to be thankful either for overcoming tough times or for the incredible blessings received.

Whatever the case, the importance of  New Year's celebrations is manifested by how people look forward to it and enjoy it every year. Many of us will be celebrating New Year either with family and friends or alone come midnight on December 31st. If you have not planned anything, here are some examples of ways to celebrate New Year to give you some options.

  1. Go for an official New Year party

You see such celebrations all over the TV. Cable stations always broadcast images of people ushering in the New Year in Time Square or at the Eiffel Tower, among other landmark places in the world.

In different countries and cities, presidents, mayors, and other leaders often host banquets to commemorate the New Year in their official residence. And of course, there are the office parties that different companies host for their staff and their spouses on New Year's Eve.

These examples can all be described as official ways of ushering the New Year. Which one of them will you be attending? They are a fun way to usher in a fresh year in style.

  1. Attend a family gathering

For an intimate celebration of the end of the year, you could attend a family dinner or party. It is not only a chance to celebrate New Year with those you love but also a chance to see relatives you have not seen for a while and enjoy some family traditions.

Think of seeing that distant cousin who moved to a far off place for work or a new in-law you have not seen but would like to get to know. There are also lots of things you can do with the family that will make the day memorable. Meeting at grandma's place or one of the family member's homes for a New Year celebration is a perfect re-union and party moment.

  1. Boogy at a music concert

There is also the option of celebrating the New Year while enjoying music from your favorite musicians. I'm not talking about listening to some CDs or the radio at home. I'm talking about enjoying a concert somewhere outdoors.

It's fun to see the fireworks blow up in the sky and usher in the new year to a  live performance from a band or singer you like. If this sounds like a great idea, why not buy a ticket to a New Year's concert that will happen near you. You are sure to enjoy the experience.

  1. Go to Church

Maybe you would like to usher in the new year in Church. Many people do! Churches all over the world either hold a prayer service or mass on New Year’s eve.

If you are a believer, it's a good feeling to usher in the New Year in Church. There you can pray for the coming year and giving thanks for the past one and all its blessings. Church services are a great place for families to go for New Year celebrations.

  1. Be by yourself

While it's good to celebrate New Year with other people dining, partying, praying, or dancing the night away, some people like the night to themselves. Spending the new year alone is not something strange. If you feel like it, you should!

Time alone at the beginning of the new year can be used to reflect on your past year and all your accomplishments. It is also a great time to sit down and look at some of the hardships you encounter and how to minimize it in the coming year. The few hours before the New Year comes in can also be used to write a list of goals you would like to achieve.

New Year's alone also doesn't have to be so heavy, you can also eat a good meal, drink a bottle of wine, watch some of your favorite movies, and listen to some soothing music. That's the beauty of celebrating New Year alone, you get to do whatever you want!

Last word!

These are a few ways to celebrate the New Year. How do you celebrate it? Have any of these suggestions rung a bell with you, or do you have a different way of doing it? Please share it with us in the comments. And have a lovely New Year celebration!

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