Handling Kids in Public

Handling Kids in Public

September 03, 2018


Handling kids can be a very stressful exercise. Imagine you have a bunch of toddlers, who need continuous attention. They sometimes seek it the best way they know how, by throwing tantrums. They want to have their way, to have what they want irrespective of the situations you might be in.

Kids cannot reason with you, as an adult, you have to be in control and exercise authority especially in public places. You have to ensure everything is in order, for you and your kids’ sake.

There are many advises for good parenting while handling tantrums. However, there come times these tips are tested outside of your home while interacting with other kids in public places.

For example, you take your kids to the park. You want to relax and catch some fresh air as your kids play on public property. As usual, there are other kids in the park too since it is a popular public place. You need to ensure your kids are not being a bother to others, so you keep an eye on them. However, other kids will interact with yours and compete for the playing equipment or toys. Some kids will not be as polite as others will, some may be too active and daring, as kids tend to be. What to do in situations like this one?

It is your parental responsibility to make sure your child is having a good time and feels safe.  At the same time, it is a great opportunity to teach them how to treat other kids and let them enjoy their time in the park as well. You are the only one who knows your child best. You know their abilities, their likes, and their tendencies.  Being an active and present parent will help your child navigate good and bad interactions.

There are times when you are all alone watching, and the other parents seem to be occupied with other things.  It may be your responsibility to ensure that the kids within your reach can play safely. Therefore, it is alright to notify the parents to address their children if they are not behaving well.

You will be showing your children not only how to set rules for them but also how to address adults in a respectful manner.  


Importance of Disciplining Kids in Public

• Kids who are disciplined in public will learn to respect others. They will not bully the younger ones or snatch toys from other kids while they are using them.

• Disciplining kids in public also helps them appreciate other kids.

• They will be more careful with their games and adventures.

• Disciplining kids in public ensure that all the kids are safe.

How to Discipline Your Kids and Other Kids in Public


• Stay close to your kids at all times

• Correct softly

• Encourage sharing of public toys

• Notify respective parents if you cannot handle the behavior


• Do not threaten the kids

• Do not shout at the kids when correcting them

You might want to unwind over a cup of hot coffee or catch up with some friends at the terraces, but if you have brought your kids along, they are your responsibility. Watch out for your kids, help all kids to stay safe, and be a caring parent. This might be too much to ask for, seeing that we always have our hands full. Nonetheless, it is an important part of our children learning how to navigate the world.

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