Fun summer activities with your kids on the 4th of July

Fun summer activities with your kids on the 4th of July

June 22, 2020

Kids love summer because of the many fun activities they get to enjoy outdoors. But sometimes, it gets boring when parents can't seem to find some new and exciting things for them to do.

It's especially hard when it's the 4th of July, and you have a group of kids over at your place who are bored. Well, the good news is, there are many summer activities that you can teach kids. Here are some you can try;

  1. Ride bikes together

A great summer activity should combine some movement with exploring the outdoors. Nothing combines exploring nature and exercising like bike rides. You can ride bikes with your children in a nearby park, in your yard, or on designated bike trails close to your home.

If you get tired during the bike ride, you could get off and have some fun writing some sidewalk chalk greetings.  You can write anything interesting like jokes, messages to each other, or drawings. Don't forget to take pictures of your chalk messages; they will make great memories.

  1. Enjoy picnics outdoors

Sharing food with family outdoors while playing games is a great way to spend a hot summer afternoon with kids. If you have pets, especially dogs that you can bring along to play, that makes it even better.

You don't have to pack a lot of food for your outdoor picnics. Just pack some healthy sandwiches, juices, and fruits, and you're ready for a picnic in a nearby park, playground, or backyard.

If you organize a picnic in your backyard, remember to set up an inflatable pool for the family to cool off in. You could also make ice cream for everyone to enjoy!

  1. Visit the local fairs

How about visiting the local fairs with your kids and enjoying the fun activities there? You will find lots of things they can explore as fairs are always full of exciting things. The kids can have all the candy they like, see entertaining shows, and socialize with friends. Fairs are also ideal places to meet up with your friends and their kids.

  1. Play with home-made toys

Kids don't have to play with store-bought toys. It's more informative and fun for them if they can make their own. If you don't know how to make home toys, there are home-made toy kits you can buy. Some great examples are;

  • Woodworking kit: Teach your kids to be creative by using a woodworking kit. It contains lots of wood pieces that they can use to make a plane, a car, a house, etc.
  • Animal puzzle kit: Use this kit to put together different animals that the kids can have on display once they are finished
  • Kids science experiment kits: If your kids are curious about how things work, instead of making toys, you can do various experiments using a science experiment kit.

If purchasing toy making kits does not appeal to you, why don't you make toys using anything you find around the house. For example;

  • Make kites, spin wheels, and paper planes and watch them run around with them in a park or even in your backyard.
  • Make toy vehicles using empty cartons and wires. The kids will enjoy creating colorful fire trucks, trains, and buses.
  • Water toys work well in summer. You can make a simple slip and slide in the backyard to keep the kids happy for hours. Another great option is making home-made waterbombs.
  1. Camping outdoors

Summer is a great time to camp in state parks or in your backyard. Going to state parks is fun because you can enjoy various activities such as fishing, hiking, and swimming.

If camping in parks is not your thing, you can do it in your backyard, enjoy some backyard stargazing, tell stories around a fire, and roast smores. The family will love it!

  1. Donate

Summer fun is not just about doing things for yourselves, it can also be about making others happy. A great way to do this is to give any clothes you no longer use to the needy. Your children can help if you let them decide and donate what they don't use anymore. It will teach them some valuable lessons about helping others.

These are a few examples of activities you can enjoy with your kids this summer. Do you have any fun activities planned already? Please share them with us in the comments.

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