February 29, 2020

Sometimes we think of the cold season as being a time of “nothing to do” kind of weather. Parks may be empty, some local stores are closed, outdoor events are rare, and items that we usually use during the hot season may not be practical anymore.  However, creating and engaging in indoor winter play activities is actually both fun and easy to do for kids and families.

Here are some cool activities with little preparation that you and your children may enjoy when the temperature drops outside:

    1. Bake winter-themed pastries

Winter is the time to hone your baking skills and the opportunity to be at home and spend quality time with kids. You can even try to bake a new dessert with the help of your little ones. Every single one of your baked goodies is guaranteed to put a smile on your loved ones' faces. Step out of the cold and into the kitchen and let it snow (sweets) because indeed there's snowplace like home.


  1. Play awesome board games

It’s maybe cold outside, but inside your cozy home, it’s a perfect time to work together as a family by completing puzzles. Board games are great ways for kids to enjoy learning but they’re also pretty amazing for adults to keep the brain active. It can also be fun to come up with a theme for the games you want to play.

  • Canasta
  • Bridge
  • Pinochle
  • Trouble
  • Dicey Peaks



  1. Make chilling arts and crafts

Capture the beauty of the season and test your creativity by making crafts with your loved ones. One great way to put your kids’ imagination into reality is through engaging them in arts and crafts (winter edition). Get the kids and your supplies together, don’t let them be alone and get too cold, they might become ice-olated but instead create some breathtaking winter art that is truly gorgeous.

  • Popsicle stick snowman
  • Paper polar bear mask
  • Snow Slime
  • Sparkly snowflake
  • Snow charm bracelet


  1. Do cool house chores together

While your kids are on their winter break and there’s snow way out the house, keep them focused and on a routine by doing house chores. Chores help out parents like you to teach kids responsibility, accountability and perseverance to have pride after a successful job in the house. It is best to do things around the house together with the family when the weather gives you the cold shoulder. Don’t forget your rewards for the kids!

  • Wash the dishes
  • Match and fold socks
  • Organize their closet
  • Stock up on Emergency Supplies
  • Putting toys away


  1. Read new books

We all love the idea of curling up in a comfy chair in front of the fireplace, snuggled up in a warm blanket and sipping a nice hot beverage. It’s also better to stay at home, read stories to your kids and gaze out the window on to a winter wonderland scenery. It is also the best time to update your reading list and get lost in a good book with your loved ones because children love to hear stories about life before.

  • The Itsy Bitsy Snowman
  • The Snowy Day
  • Walking in a Winter Wonderland
  • The First Day of Winter
  • The Mittens


 Your family could even brainstorm when it comes to indoor activities. The creative ideas of the members of the family will surely create meaningful and happy memories that will last a lifetime.

 What are your favorite cold-weather activities? Let us snow (know) in the comments!

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