May 22, 2020

Imagine that quarantine has been lifted and we are on to the next phase!
What will you do where would you go? We are now entering the new norm as we take part in social distancing, lockdown law, community quarantine, and managing anxiety on a mass scale.  Now that the quarantine has been lifted, we are eager to catch up with the things that we left behind. Most of us would like to go back to work and reconnect with colleagues, friends, and family. As we look ahead, there are lots of things that we are excited about after being at home for some time.

  Here are some ideas for the things to do after the quarantine was lifted:

 1. Go Out

There may be restrictions on our movement daily, but we will eventually head out to continue life. This will allow us to reconnect with friends, visit restaurants, and other places, and feel more connected overall.  Many of us crave for activities such as:

  • Coffee with friends
  • Shopping
  • Going to the gym
  • Getting a haircut, or doing our nails

     2. Go on a Trip


    Many of our travel plans were set before 2020 and we were all looking forward to them; yet the universe seems to want us to save our money! All our travel goals may have been postponed for some time, but it is an opportunity to move these plans into action, one way or another. Some may opt for traveling “virtually” from home as there are now plenty of sites that share their rich culture with us. But if you are one of the free-spirited individuals that want to continue with their travel dreams. With the right precautions, you may:

    • go to the beach with kids
    • go hiking
    • go camping with your family
    • take a road trip
    • visit famous destinations in your state

       3. Family Affairs


      We have stayed home with family during quarantine, but we also yearn to have physical contact with other family members we could not visit. Many of us want to hug and kiss our family members (once it is safe to do). The pandemic contact suppression has made many of us appreciate the importance of touch and to cherish every moment with our loved ones. To show our affection and care for the family after these trying times, you may:

      • Go to church
      • Visit family
      • Go on an outing with family
      • Check up on friends
      • Have outdoor activities with family



      It will not be the same as it was before the quarantine, but as time goes by, we will be able to adapt to safe practices that allow us to connect with others while keeping safe. We still need to practice social distancing and wear protective masks. These are essential things that we need to do but should not stop us from reconnecting and enjoying time with family and friends.  On the contrary, it should help us value the time spent with them even more.

      What will be the first thing you will do after the quarantine is lifted? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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