April 05, 2020

Spring is officially here!  We look forward to warm weather, flowers in bloom and more chances to get outside to play and explore (say goodbye to on-screen time!). We can’t help but feel hopeful in such glorious time as spring. As winter thaws, it’s an exciting time for new beginnings and growth in nature.

Shake off your winter blues with these ideas for spring holidays that will inspire a lot of fun family time:


  1. Make up the Garden

Spring is a perfect time to doll up the garden and bring the whole family to work in the yard. Get your kids involved, this may lead them to take on more responsibilities at home during their spare time. It will also boost their creativity on how to make the house more beautiful for everyone. If you live in an apartment you can still grow herbs and plants in plant boxes. Ready your tools and don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty!

  • Plant flowers
  • Plant spring vegetables and herbs
  • Pull out weeds
  • Water the plants
  • Landscape your garden


  1. Go out with nature

When spring brings on a nice day, go outside and savour the good weather with your kids. It is the best time to encourage them to put on their sneakers and feel the dazzling sunshine. Take out your explorer spirit and discover new adventures with your family. There are far more learning opportunities for your little ones that happen when you go outside. While you’re out:

  • Climb or hug a tree
  • Go on a nature hunt to collect natural materials for your spring arts and crafts
  • Have a nature photoshoot
  • Go camping
  • Go on a nature hike


  1. Play board games outside

Introduce your kids to your favorite board games from childhood. It will be a good family bonding opportunity as well as learning some out of the box wisdom. Playing board games is a good alternative to screen time. Children’s’ natural cleverness and problem-solving skills are enhanced as well. This activity can also become part of your family spring tradition!

  • Jenga
  • Scrabble
  • Crazy Tower
  • Reef
  • Drop it


  1. Backyard fun activities

Have fun in your own backyard surrounded by family and friends! It is a time to catch up with news about each other lives while enjoying the cool breeze, have a good talk or become active while enjoying outside activities. Children can make lots of memories with friends while out in the sun. Spring is also a nice time to relax and chill with your loved ones.

  • fly a kite
  • play toys with friends (hot wheels, play mobil, matchbox cars, plushies, Sort and Spill Learning Truck, Slime, Dolls)
  • Go ride a bike
  • Spring-themed arts and crafts
  • Read outside

  1. Cook good food

Springtime brings newness to every part of the house, especially your kitchen! Cook a new dish for your loved ones and surprise them. Parents can spring up new recipes that may include fresh fruits and vegetables to promote a healthy adventure for the family. Spring Appetit!

  • Fresh or fried spring rolls
  • Herb spring chicken pot pie
  • Rhubarb and gingernut cheesecake
  • Spring tarts
  • Veggie pasta

So sit back and enjoy the sunshine. There are plenty of ways to make a memorable and exciting happening this spring. Yes, spring gives us warm days but it also may give us spring showers. No matter the weather, let us all remember to have fun in all the activities that we will experience and create fun moments with family!

 Other ideas that springs into mind? Share your thoughts and comment!

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