Everybody is preparing a Christmas gift list: Do you know what to get your loved ones this Christmas?

Everybody is preparing a Christmas gift list: Do you know what to get your loved ones this Christmas?

December 19, 2019

Christmas is almost here, and we are all running around trying to get things ready. By things, we mean preparing to go on vacation, planning that Christmas get-together, and of course, getting our loved ones gifts!

If you are wondering what gifts to get your loved ones, we have a few suggestions to steer you in the right direction. Here they are;

Gifts for babies

If your sister, friend, or a family acquaintance just had a baby, there are a lot of wow toy products for babies in the market you can buy.

The good thing about getting babies gifts is that they are not picky. Most times, they just chew on the gift or abandon it for something simple like a gift wrapper. So don't sweat it. 

A great gift for a baby will be something he or she can grow into, like several onesies. You could also get something he or she will need soon, like a teething ring, an interactive book, or a stroller.

Gifts for the toddlers and kids up to eight years

Once a baby is in the toddler stage and beyond, toys with no batteries will do the trick. Some examples of toys for kids this age with no batteries are magnetic blocks, dolls, building blocks, and manually-operated cars.

If you are wondering what to give instead of toys, you can get them art sets. Think paints and painting paper or crayons and coloring books. If the child is into science, how about getting him or her a science experiment kit? 

You can also get clothing items. For example, if your niece loves Frozen, you could get her the Disney Frozen shoes with frozen characters in the insole. A boy can get a spiderman or superman costume.

Gifts for nine to twelve-year-olds

As kids start approaching the ten-year mark and moving on to twelve, they feel really grown up. You will be quite popular if you buy them gifts that make them feel a bit grown-up.

Think FitBits, scooters or bikes for boys. As for girls, try a cute bag, curling iron, or hair accessories. The latest video game, or an iPad will also work.

Gifts for teenagers

OMG! is there anything as difficult as figuring out gift ideas for teens! The trick is to observe and listen to them to get an idea of their current likes and dislikes. 

Some good gift picks for teenagers would be clothing in the latest fashion.  Girls will love body care products or jewelry in the form of pendants or charm bracelets. 

For the boys, think sporty things like a jersey with their favorite player's name and number on it. 

The easiest option is to give them money or gift cards. They may actually prefer that!


Young adults and adults

When it comes to adults, the gift hunt gets easier. A travel gift is always a popular gift option for adults because most of them have at least one place they would love to visit for an unforgettable experience.

Some nice experience gifts are a trip to Paris or a chance to attend a famous festival. Some enjoy simple adventures, and a chance to go somewhere for camping, hiking, fishing, or rock climbing would make their day.

Of course, some people will appreciate a gift they can share with family. A great option is board games for those who enjoy family nights of fun.  Other options are spa vouchers or vacation tickets for couples or friends who need some rest and relaxation.

The less fortunate

If you love doing something for the less fortunate, there are some ways to spread some joy this Christmas.

For example, visit a homeless shelter and volunteer your services or donate cash, clothes, and food items to your local charity.

These are a few suggestions for gift giving this Christmas to suit all kinds of people from the little one to the kids at heart.

Do you have some other great ideas for gifting loved ones this Christmas? Please share them with us in the comments. Otherwise, happy holidays!

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