Celebrating fathers day at home: Some activities to do with the family and gift suggestions

Celebrating fathers day at home: Some activities to do with the family and gift suggestions

June 19, 2020

Father's day is coming up soon. It's a day for honoring fatherhood. Unfortunately, we may not be able to celebrate Father's day as we usually do because of the COVID - 19 restrictions. That doesn't mean we still can't make our fathers feel special during that day.

Here are a few ways you can celebrate Father's day without breaking the COVID - 19 restrictions.

  1. Cook a special father's day meal

Your favorite restaurants may be closed, but you can still make your Father his favorite foods at home. A simple meal with a few family members won't break the rules. If you feel it's too risky, you could drop the food off at his doorstep. Or Better yet, video message him, and you can enjoy the food together but from a distance.

  1. Enjoy some virtual entertainment

Maybe you would have liked to attend a game or enjoy a concert with your dad on Father's day. Well, even with the COVID - 19 restrictions, you can still enjoy these events online. Many artists are doing live shows, some for free and others charging a fee.

See if you can find a concert, play, or performance online to enjoy with your dad at home, this Father's day. If your dad loves sports, you could also find a replay of a game you think he would enjoy and watch it together.

  1. Camp in your backyard

Father's day is much more fun if you can celebrate it with the kids. A great way to do this is to set up a tent in your backyard. You can light a fire, roast smores, and stay warm in sleeping bags as your Father tells stories.

Stargazing while you teach each other about constellation is also a fun idea. Just being together and having fun outdoors in such a warm environment will make a special memory of this year's Father's day for everyone.

  1. Go outdoors

Maybe your area is not so strict on outdoor interactions. You can have a lot of fun with your father outdoors as long as you maintain social distancing.

Some great things to do include riding bikes, having a picnic at the park, or taking a long walk in nature. If you maintain social distancing, you can have a lot of fun outdoors while making lasting memories. Just remember to take pictures while you're at it!

  1. Stay indoors

As long as you keep your home sanitized and ensure everyone maintains the rules of COVID - 19, having a fun Father's day at home should be easy. Some great things to do are playing board games and watching movies.

You could also let your Father just relax and cater to him with breakfast in bed, and his favorite snacks as he watches telly. If you finish the day with a special meal and presents, it will be a great day for him.

What will you give your dad for Father's day?

Gifting our loved ones is often hard in normal situations. Now that we have COVID - 19 restrictions to contend with, it may be even harder to find a special gift for your Father as you may not be able to move around and shop as you would like.

The good news is that online shopping is still available. Here are some great Father's day gift ideas for you.

- Exercise equipment:  As our dad's get old, they need to keep up their fitness. Some great fitness gifts for dads are a fit bit, sneakers, or home exercise equipment such as a treadmill.

- Travel accessories: If your Father is on the road all the time, some travel items will come in handy as Father's day gifts. Some great choices are men organization travel kits, mini-shaving kits, a duffel bag for overnight travel, and a suitcase for long trips.

- Gadgets: Some great electronic devices to get your Father as gifts are a waterproof Kindle, a digital camera to capture precious family memories, a mini -multi-functional tool kit for repair projects around the home, or a smartwatch.

- Clothing items: If your dad loves to dress well, some great gifts to buy are silk ties, a fashionable watch, custom cufflinks, or a made-to-measure suit.

Do you have any special plans for Father's day?

These are some suggestions on how to celebrate Father's day and some great gift ideas too. Do you have any special plans for your dad this Father's day? Please share them with us in the comments. Otherwise, enjoy the day with your dad and make great memories.


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