A few healthy tips as children head back to school

A few healthy tips as children head back to school

August 17, 2019

During summer, a lot of good routines and habits fall by the wayside as we enjoy the break. However, when it's time to get back to school, we have to go back to healthy habits and routines. Here are a few tips you can use during this back to school time for a smooth transition.

  1. Bring back the sensible sleep routine

Get your children back on healthy back to school routines for sleep time and stick to them to ensure they get enough rest each night. Do this at least a week before school resumes to give them time to adjust. Some things that will help are;

  • Ensuring the household is quiet and making sure the kids are in bed by nine or ten latest each night.
  • Making sure the children do not use devices such as phones and games at bedtime.
  • Encouraging showers before bedtime to help them sleep well and prevent them from being late for school the next day.
  • Discouraging the drinking of sugary drinks and beverages with caffeine before bed, such as sodas, fruit juices, and energy drinks.

  1. Set up a healthy menu for school days

The food that children eat daily affects the way they think and develop. Ensure you create a healthy menu for your kids. Each meal should have a protein, and healthy carbs such as brown rice, and veggies. Ensure breakfast choices include enough fiber and protein and avoid sugary options such as sweetened cereal or juices.

School season is also time for healthy lunches and snacks. Good examples are fruits, yogurt, sandwiches on wholemeal bread with healthy fillings, boiled eggs, vegetable slices such as carrot sticks with hummus, etc. Don't forget plenty of water.

  1. Medical examinations are important

Before your children head back to school, why don't you take them for a health check-up?  A check-up will help you identify any changes in your child's health. Parents of athletic kids also need to take them for a physical to ensure they can handle the exertion of sports.

During a back to school check-up, your kids can also get any necessary immunization. The doctor may also update any prescriptions, and where needed, give the kids braces or eyeglasses.

  1. Check your child's mental health.

Going back to school is much easier for children that are well-adjusted mentally. Always be aware of your child's mood. To find out how your child is feeling, talk to him/her often about school activities, and life in general.

It's also essential to observe your child for any unusual behavior indicating depression such as seclusion, lack of interest in hygiene, unexplained angry outbursts, etc. Also, check for any signs of bullying and provide your child with coping mechanisms. If you need to set them up with a counselor, do so too.

  1. Schedule physical exercise programs

The more active your child is, the better they develop physically, mentally, and emotionally. See if you can incorporate some form of exercise in your child's life.

You can find after school exercise programs that he/she can sign up for to improve physical development and also help them make friends. Also, encourage physical activity at home by riding bikes with them, playing ball, jogging, or taking walks.

These are a few health tips to ensure your child goes back to school successfully. Try them for a stress - free back to school time for you and your child. You will find if you always prioritize your child’s well-being, school time will be easy to handle.

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