7 ways to celebrate your baby's first Halloween

7 ways to celebrate your baby's first Halloween

October 21, 2019

It's your baby's first Halloween, and you want it to be special.  He or she may be too young to understand the holiday, but most babies enjoy a festive atmosphere.

Your child's first Halloween is also your chance to start a family tradition; you can continue in years to come and record some of his or her milestones.

Here are a few things you can do to make your baby's first Halloween experience fun and memorable.


  1. Take photos- lots of them!

Halloween is a great time to take adorable photos of your baby in one or several adorable costumes. The baby Halloween costume doesn't have to be expensive - just interesting and fun.

If you want everyone in the family to be in your baby's first Halloween photos, you could hire a photographer or get a friend to take them. Later, when looking at them, you will be glad you took as many of them as possible.

  1. Trick or treating with baby

If your baby is not fussy, you can make a great adventure out of trick-or-treating. Make the baby's stroller part of your costume and take a walk around the neighborhood. You will likely get lots of oohs and aahs and candy during your excursion.

If your baby is fussy or your neighborhood is not a baby-friendly place during Halloween, let the baby hand out candy to trick-or-treaters at your door. It's a great way to teach him or her the value of sharing treats with others.

  1. Go for a Halloween party or event

If you are too busy to arrange anything for Halloween, go to someone else's party. It's especially great if the event is being organized by a family member. That way, your child can meet and mingle with the uncles, cousins, nieces, nephews, and grandparents.

Alternatively, you could attend a kids' themed Halloween event in your area.  Some good examples are indoor trick-or-treat parties, Halloween parades, and zoo boo events at your state zoo.

  1. Throw your own Halloween party

Maybe you feel like throwing a Halloween party for your child's first Halloween - well, do it! It's worth celebrating.

There are many advantages to you holding a baby Halloween bash in your home.

  • You get to control the environment and how things go
  • Your baby gets to enjoy Halloween in a familiar environment
  • You don't have to commute!

There are a lot of fun things you can do in a Halloween bash. For example, gather a group of babies in costumes and take funny unforgettable pictures. Socializing with other moms and dads and their babies may also be enjoyable.

  1. Make Halloween preparation together with your baby

If you do decide to host a Halloween party at your house, you will need to do lots of preparations. It will be fun for you and the baby if you involve him or her. You can make precious memories by taking videos of the different things you do.

For example;

  • Bake treats with the baby and takes photos or videos. How adorable would a pic of your baby covered in flour or tasting their first Halloween dish be?
  • Go searching for Halloween items such as costumes, pumpkin or apples. A pic of your baby in the pumpkin patch will look amazing.
  • Involve the baby in decorating the house for Halloween.
  • Go spend Halloween with less fortunate kids

Some children have a hard time during Halloween, and you can make it fun for them. There are always charity events for less fortunate kids in hospitals, churches, or community centers. You could go with your baby for such an event for their first Halloween.

For kids' Halloween charity events, you only need to bring yourself and offer your skills or any other thing you think will help. It's a great idea if you live in a close-knit community, and you know a place where you can attend a charitable Halloween event for children.

  1. Halloween storytime

Maybe your baby is not one for lots of fuss, parties, and scary things. A great event for a fussy baby is Halloween storytime.

Deck your baby out in your costume of choice, take photos or videos of the baby, and then settle down to a relaxing storytime session with him or her. That will surely be a unique first Halloween for you and your child.

What are you doing for baby's first Halloween?

These are a few ways you can celebrate your child's first Halloween. If you have no idea what to do, you can pick one of our suggestions and make it a day to remember.

Happy Halloween!


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