7 Activities You Should Add to Your Child's Routine

7 Activities You Should Add to Your Child's Routine

February 04, 2019

Kids need fun in their lives to get over the challenges and monotony of school and regular home life. There are lots of fun, and healthy activities you can include in your child's daily routine for their proper mental, physical, and emotional development. Here are just a few;

  1. Time outdoors

Time outside enjoying some sun as they enjoy the company of friends will do your children a world of good. It is good to make time each day for them to have some outdoor fun.

Ensure you interchange activities to make it more entertaining for them. Today you could take them out for a walk with the dog, tomorrow visit the park, play football or even go swimming at a nearby facility. The list of possibilities is endless.

  1. Creative time

Kids become smart and creative when parents allow them to explore their imagination. A good thing to do is to give them space and tools to create things. For example, buy a roll of paper, stick it on the floor and let your children paint or draw on it as they like.

You could also get some paper mache and putty and let them play around forming different shapes. If your kid is old enough to have scissors and glue, how about showing them how to create montages? If you give them enough material and encouragement, kids will amaze you with their talent.  Find an area in the house where the mess they make will not stress you out so much and allow their creativity to soar.

  1. Books! Books! Books!

If you can add only one thing to your child's routine, make reading time exciting. A great time to read books is right before bed when they have finished homework, dinner and are ready for bed. Another great time is during the weekend when they have some free time. Encourage to pick a book before an electronic or better yet find reading apps in their tablets.

 Make your children a nice reading book where they can cozy up and read a book without being disturbed. When they are small, read to them often, and they will always remember how they cherished the moments with you reading a book. Learning to read and making a habit of it is one of the best things you can teach your children.

  1. Learning new skills

Children are like sponges, and they can develop skills at an early age if they have someone to teach them. The first thing to establish is their interest in an activity. Once you identify your children's interests, get them tutors or book lessons on the subject.

You could sign your children up to learn how to play music instrument two times a week. Think violins, guitars, piano - anything they enjoy playing. Other classes to explore are cooking classes, language lessons, dance or martial arts training.

  1. Family game time

Family time is essential for healthy emotional child development. Children need to spend time with their parents doing fun things. An interesting way to do this is to establish a movie night once a week where you watch a fun family movie. You could also play board games such as scrabble, monopoly and chess together. It will increase your bond as a family, relax the children, and give everyone great memories.

  1. Grow stuff

Nothing amazes children like planting and seeing regular things they see at the grocery store grow. The bonus is that they get to play in the dirt and even see a few worms - gross but fun for kids because they're weird.

Make time each week for some gardening with your children and show them how to weed, plant and other gardening skills. Your reward will be less expense for groceries and their excitement when they harvest and cook things they plant.

  1. Journaling

Keeping a diary and writing an entry in it every day is an excellent way for your child to record important events and feelings at the end of the day.  It will allow your children to improve their writing skills and can calm emotions because they get to relax by putting their feelings down on paper. Journaling will also enable children to analyze their behavior and understand themselves and their life without being aware of this.

These are just a few fun activities you can add to your children's routine for their benefit and yours. There are more entertaining and beneficial activities you can do if you only research and explore your child's interests. So why not give it a try!

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