6 organization tips for new parents

6 organization tips for new parents

June 03, 2019

Being a new parent can be overwhelming, even if you have previous experience taking care of a child. It's especially hard if you have lots of responsibilities. You may find it challenging to meet job requirements, give your child the attention he/she needs, and enjoy your life.

Therefore, all new parents will benefit from having an organization plan. If you stay organized, it will help you to stay sane, meet your essential commitments, and enjoy your baby.  Here are a few ideas you can use to keep things under control.

  1. Use organizing phone apps

When you are a new parent, sometimes you cannot remember the simplest things. Therefore, it's reassuring that there are phone applications to help you organize and track anything from shopping lists to appointments.

For example, you can get a journaling app to record baby milestones and share with your spouse. There are also calendar apps that you can use as a family to remind each other of important events and appointments. There are apps for everything, please find the ones that work for you, and use them to organize your life.

  1. Set up an efficient routine

A routine is something that will help you handle the baby better as new parents.  It will allow you to schedule your time appropriately, work on critical tasks, and have some time to rest.

If you choose to work on a schedule, plan your routine to include all critical tasks from morning to night. Babies love routines. Follow the routine, and within a month, the household will fall into a working tempo that will save you time, energy, and sanity.

  1. Menus and meal planning

As new parents, it helps to prepare for and schedule regular meals. Learn to prioritize menu and meal planning. A menu will help you to create a comprehensive grocery list so you can go to the store only once a week. It also makes things easy if you meal prep once a week as well. 

Usually, when you look for food last minute, you end up eating lots of takeouts or having junk food. Meal prepping and grocery lists will help you as a family to have healthy meals available at all times.

  1. Get reliable help

You cannot take care of a baby alone without getting stressed out. To avoid this, delegate chores and tasks to others. Try hiring reliable nannies and housecleaners to help out with the baby and house chores once or twice a week.

If you don't have money for hired help, ask for help from close friends and family. Don't be afraid to hand over repetitive chores such as doing the laundry and cleaning the house to them. Use any free time to rest or work on meaningful projects without interruptions. You will feel much better for it.

  1. Simplify your life

Often the amount of stuff we have to use is mostly unnecessary but takes a lot of time. Try decluttering your life and space to save your time and energy for the baby, your spouse, and essential tasks.

Figure out new ways to do things that do not require too much time and energy. Consider saying no to commitments that are not worth your time. Leave only room for the essentials for your peace of mind.

  1. Organize things

Have a place for everything to avoid wasting time looking for stuff.  For example, set aside a file for important items such as receipts and bills. Have a box or bin in every room where you put in things that are lying around to sort out later. The more organized your spaces, the more tranquil your mind will be, which will help you focus and succeed at the important things.

These are a few tips to help new parents organize their life. Whether you choose to make to-do lists or not, do your best to deal with the things in your control and let go of the rest.  It is the best you can do to adjust to your new life.

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