6 Must-Have Mom Items on the Go

6 Must-Have Mom Items on the Go

December 02, 2018

As a busy mom, you sometimes find yourself on the move with your baby. You may find yourself lugging around too many baby care items. Ideally, you only need to carry a few necessary items to take care of your baby when moving out and about.  Here are a few things you can include in your list of items on the go for your child's care.

  1. Baby wipes

When taking care of a child, there are almost always messes to clean up. It could be your baby burping on your clothes or spills in the car. Baby wipes can clean most messes easily. They are also great for cleaning up the baby after eating or when changing diapers. You can also use baby wipes to clean up after an exhausting time of running up and down trying to get things done with your baby in tow. Every mom needs a package of alcohol-free, baby safe wet wipes in her bag at all times.

  1. Baby carrier

Among the important things to bring with you when going out with your baby is a baby carrier. It allows you to carry your baby safely on your back or chest as you hold other things in your hands such as groceries or office bag. The baby also benefits from the warmth and closeness of mommy even while she is busy.  Buy a baby carrier you can fold up and tuck away in your bag when not in use to reduce the bulk of things you have with you.

  1. All purpose bag

You don't have to carry your work bag and your baby diaper bag when on the move. It's easy to get a bag that you can use for carrying baby stuff and work items. There are stylish diaper bags that are big enough to stash in your work-related items, personal items, and baby essentials.  These convenient baby diaper bags are spacious with enough compartments in which to organize all you need as a mom on the go. They are also easy to wash, are made of sturdy material, and come in a variety of stylish finishes and colors to match any office wear.

  1. Mobile baby changing station

Babies need changing a lot during the day. There is always the challenge of finding somewhere clean to do it. Well, a great item to have for diaper changing time anywhere is the mobile baby changing station. It's easy to carry, and you can use it anywhere knowing that you are placing your child on a clean surface. It also comes in handy in the car instead of changing the baby on the car upholstery.

  1. Disposable diapers

One item that you cannot leave out of the items on the go for a busy mom is disposable diapers. Why? Because babies poop a lot and no mom wants to lug around smelly cloth diapers all day. Using disposable diapers allows you to change your child anywhere and throw the dirty diapers away. It also saves you time and stress because you don't have dirty diapers to wash at the end of a busy day.

  1. Nursing Essentials.

Whether you are breastfeeding or bottle feeding, you need to plan ahead when running errands with the baby.  Bottles can have the formula inside the bottle all ready to prep.  This will eliminate carrying an extra container with formula in it.  If you are breastfeeding, be sure to stash some nursing pads to feel at ease during your errands without worrying about staining your clothes.

 These are a few baby care items on the go for busy moms. Remember, you don't have to carry the whole nursery when moving around with your child. Just focus on the important things to bring for baby care that will simplify your day for you. What other items do you think are essential for a mom on the go?

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