6 must-have footwear choices for summer outings

6 must-have footwear choices for summer outings

July 08, 2019

Summer is here, and it's time to set aside those heavy boots and get some comfortable footwear. If you are looking for some shoes to wear throughout your vacation, here is a summer shoe list with some great picks.

  1. Sliders

 Sliders are light summer shoes that you can slip on and off easily. They come in different materials and design.  You can pick tan, black or white and even get them in a colorful pair.

Buy sturdy leather sliders for those hot days you cannot stand to enclose your feet in tight footwear and still want to look presentable. They go well with flowy skirts, jeans, linen trousers, and cute summer dresses.

  1. Flip flops

The other open footwear to get for summer is rubber flip flops. Flip flops come in handy when you want to hang around the house and are great for showing off your freshly pedicured feet. Get thick - soled flip flops or slim - soled ones, the choice is yours, just as long as the soles support your feet properly. There are many options of flip flops from brands that offer arch support that will make you want to wear them year round.

Flip flops are also appropriate beachwear, and you can even go out for a walk with them. They are light and easy to pack in any bag so you can change into them when you are tired of wearing close-toed shoes. Just try not to use them over any rocky ground because they have very soft soles.

  1. Espadrilles

If you want some casual, comfortable footwear for summer season look no further than espadrilles. You can pick a flat pair or high- heeled one with cute straps at the ankle as an ideal alternative to wedges.

The woven soles on espadrilles are sturdy and will support your feet over any surface. Pick espadrilles with a cotton upper section to make sure your feet breathe and feel comfy.

Espadrilles come in various colors and look great whether you are wearing a summer dress or jeans. You can wear them when out for walks, shopping, or at the beach.

  1. Nude strappy heels

You won't spend all summer in low heel footwear, you also need some stylish heels for nights out. Nude strappy heels are an excellent replacement for your closed nude heels during summer.  Pick a block heel or slim heel, whichever shows off your feet bests and feel comfortable.

Strappy nude heels work well for dinner in a lovely light summer dress or even a lunch date when you need cute shoes that go well with your outfit. You can also dress up basic jeans and blouse with nude strappy heels to bump up your outfit from casual to smart casual. Best of all, nude heels go with every color and will elongate your legs, especially when wearing short outfits.

  1. Slingback heels

You also need to buy a great pair of slingbacks with a heel you are comfortable wearing. Slingbacks are open at the back and closed at the front. They are easy to wear and allow your feet to breath while still giving you a polished look.

Slingbacks are ideal for nights out in formal dress when you cannot be bothered to wear strappy heels. They are also great with summer dresses when you want to kick up your look a notch for a lunch date.  Buy them in a basic color such as white or black to go with any outfit color you pick.

  1. Sneakers

When you need some sturdy footwear to go out in nature for a walk or jog, sneakers will do the trick. They are also ideal for when you have to run a lot of errands and require some tough but comfortable shoes to wear. 

Make sure you pick a sneaker with a comfortable and supportive insole for your feet. Always try to go a half size up from your regular size to accommodate your feet when wearing them. A sneaker with a breathable upper will also keep your feet from overheating. Pick ones in a neutral color such as black, white or navy, and you can wear them with anything.

These are great shoes for summer that you can buy for your wardrobe. It doesn't matter which summer shoe brands you pick or whether you want closed, open, sturdy, or light footwear. You will find shoes that go with any outfit among these six choices. Enjoy your summer!

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