6 Fun and Budget Friendly Activities for Family Bonding

6 Fun and Budget Friendly Activities for Family Bonding

March 14, 2019

Spending time with your family is essential. However, what matters most is not the quantity, but the quality of time you spend together making cherished memories.

Some people think that spending time with the family requires a lot of money. Yet, you can have fun, quality time with your spouse and children doing things that are not expensive.  Here are a few suggestions.

  1. Create art










Art and crafts are the gifts that keep on giving. They encourage learning at home. You can bond and have fun with your family while creating arts and crafts projects. Best of all, after all the fun, you will have a keepsake or two, to remind you of the great time you had.

Start by making t-shirts with fun prints using paint or tie-dye kits. Anything from handprints to drawings of sunflowers or even smiley faces can make great T-shirt prints. It's fantastic for kids to wear or see you wear something they have created!

You can also paint or draw to create beautiful wall hangings for the home together. Also, consider creating items using paper Mache such as vases.  Years to come, these items will bring back great memories of a happy childhood for your children.

  1. Grow stuff










These days kids are always stuck in the house and end up watching endless TV or playing on their electronic devices. It's unhealthy! Instead, encourage them to get out and interact with nature.

A fun activity that leads to children and parents bonding is gardening. You can start by working on flowers and graduate to growing food in a family vegetable garden. Your kids will enjoy planting seeds and seeing things grow that they can actually eat. It will also help picky eaters become more interested in trying new foods if they see them grow.

 3.Outdoor fun










Apart from gardening, there is so much more you can do outside. Playing outside raises your children's immunity and gets them in a good mood. It's also a fun way for you to teach them about various trees, insects, flowers, and other creatures found outdoors.

Go for walks often to parks and even hikes if your kids are up to it. You can also go camping and spend a few days in the outdoors. If you can do it in a place where you can fish - it’s a bonus. Find a place they can swim as well, and you have a winner. Teach them a few outdoor survival skills as well. The great outdoors is full of great lessons, and it's a fantastic place to enjoy with your family.

  1. Board games









Every family has to include a game night in their week. Board games challenge the brain, encourage relaxation, and are a great way to strengthen the family bond through fun interactions. They are also a smart way to get electric devices out of the picture.

You can play board games anywhere. If the lights go off, or you are out camping, this is an excellent way to pass the time. Just make sure you purchase board games that challenge the intellect and help your kids learn good values.

  1. Entertainment night

Instead of going out to the movies, why not have a home entertainment night? These are nights when you do presentations as a family. Ensure everyone presents original content as it raises confidence and creativity.

Kids can learn and recite poems, present short plays, sing songs or stage comedy routines. Each person should be given applause and positive feedback when they stage their presentation. You never know, entertainment nights could help your children develop skills that will make them great performers, directors, and producers in the future.

  1. Cooking

Cooking is another great way for the family to bond. It also helps that people can eat the things they make after cooking helping to save money on dinners out or take out. You can do a BBQ, invite extended family and friends, and have some great family time. It's a fun way to teach kids healthy recipes that are easy to make.

These are just a few budget-friendly things you can do with your family to have fun. Remember, families that enjoy spending quality time together have more fun!

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