5 Topics to ban at Christmas to avoid fights

5 Topics to ban at Christmas to avoid fights

December 17, 2018

Christmas is a time to enjoy with family and friends. However, despite our best intentions, when family and friends come together, there are bound to be a few challenges. Top on the list is fights and arguments with people getting on each other's nerves. You wonder, why can't we just spread love and be merry?

Well, one of the primary reasons for quarrels at holiday gatherings is bringing up topics or issues that some would rather not discuss. So, if you are planning to host family and friends for Christmas, you need to make sure some things are off limits to maintain the peace and be happy.

  1. Politics

We are living in a time when politics is a sore point for many people. Therefore, it's evident that speaking about political differences at the dinner table will cause arguments and leave an unpleasant taste in people's mouths. Dinners or gatherings never go down well when there are political arguments involved. It's better to keep them out of the picture when you sit down to bond with family and friends.

  1. Relationships

The year is ending, and some of your loved ones have had a rough time with their relationships. It may be an impending divorce or a cheating incident. In other cases, it could be an unpopular relationship that some family members are not happy with.

Whatever the case, discussing peoples past or present relationships should be banned at family gatherings unless they bring it up and are open to talking about it. Let tolerance and acceptance prevail throughout the Christmas celebration as each person respects the other.

  1. Past Wrongs

Of course, as a family, there have been times when one of you has wronged another deeply. In other cases, a family member has behaved or done something wrong that has affected the family negatively. However, you have grown through the hard times and left them behind.

Therefore, make sure that no one reminds the other of past hurts and wrongs at Christmas’ get together. Instead, let everyone focus on celebrating love and togetherness.

  1. Money

Money is another delicate topic that always feels like a loose cannon when brought up in a room. Some people in the family may be well off, while others are not so much.

However, the dinner table or Christmas gathering is not a place to show off or look down on others. It's also not a time to bring up deals and offers or try to make sales. Make sure that everyone keeps off the subject of money and instead focuses on the unity of the family at Christmas time.

  1. Hard times

During the year, some family members or friends may have gone through a hard time. It could be a miscarriage, bankruptcy, divorce, death or any other misfortune. When they come home to meet family and friends, you can bet they do not want to dwell on their loss. Make sure that everyone is sensitive to their emotions and focuses on making them feel at home and loved without being awkward.

These are the major topics to ban at Christmas to avoid fights. If you are hosting family or friends, there are some things you can do to minimize conflict. For starters, make sure that people that rub each other the wrong way do not seat next to each other or have rooms close to one another.

Also, take care of the needs of people with special preferences as best as you can to avoid temper tantrums. If someone is a troublemaker and you are sure they will cause a fight no matter what, you may also consider keeping them out of the celebrations altogether. Otherwise, let's make peace with everyone and we will have a great time. Happy holidays!

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