5 Tips to prepare for the school year

5 Tips to prepare for the school year

July 29, 2019

August is almost here, and the kids will soon be back to school. This transitioning time can be difficult for families. Here are some suggestions to get you and your kids organized for school and avoid the stress that comes with it.

  1. Re-establish routines

It's a bad idea to wait until the start of school to get your children back on a school routine. For example, bedtime routines and early mornings are essential.

Refresh kids sleeping schedules by getting them back to the school sleeping and waking times at least a week before school starts. It will shift their minds and bodies from sleeping late or oversleeping.

After a week of sleeping early and waking up early, the kids will be ready for the challenges of school days. It will not be such a big struggle getting them to sleep or wake up on time. That way, school mornings or nights do not have to be stressful for everyone in the household.

  1. School supplies and essentials

It's time to find out what school supplies the kids need and get them ready. Try to get organized with documents and forms that are needed for the beginning of the term.

Go over any instructions that the children had last year for school supplies and do some early back to school shopping. Also, check if the backpacks, school clothes, lunchboxes, and other essentials are clean and in good condition. 

If possible, have separate storage spaces for school clothes and supplies. It will keep your home from being chaotic the first day of school as everyone looks for school items.

  1. Kids work station

It will also help to create a school work area for you and your kids. It's a place for them to do their homework and other school-related projects. Let the kids help you create their work station and section off areas for each of them.

Set up a board or notice area in that section where the children put up things related to school. These are items like reports, school and bus schedules, homework report card, and teacher’s notes, etc.

A kids' work station will make it easy for you and them to find any instructions from teachers or notices that need attention.  It will also help keep things sane once the school year gets going, and there is so much to keep organized.

  1. Get help early

Keeping up with kids during school time is overwhelming, especially for working parents. So get help early because other parents will be looking for help too.

Find good sitters or childcare personnel that will take care of the kids or pick them up when you are busy. Make sure the children get along well with them.

You can set up a schedule with your partner for the days when there is no sitter, and one of you is on duty. That way, the kids always know what to expect in regards to who is taking care of them.

Also, see if you can set up a menu too. That way, you know what the children are eating each day and packing for lunch the next day.

  1. Re-learn the past school work

Don't let your kids go back to school with only the highlights of the holiday buzzing in their minds. Try and sit down with them a few weeks to school and get their minds back into books. If possible, review some of the basic lessons they learned in the last school term. Many schools have summer packets to bring during the first week of school.  Do not leave them for last minute and try to finish it before the break is over to avoid stress at the beginning of the school year.

It always helps to be a step ahead of the teacher. Buy your children aids to help them understand the upcoming school lessons better. You can also research online and look for lessons that will prepare them for new subjects.

Preparing your child for the forthcoming school lessons will help him/her understand the new work faster. It will also reduce feelings of being lost or overwhelmed by new knowledge.

Getting kids back to school may feel overwhelming, but it only needs your organization to make it work. Use these tips, and everything will be organized, and your back to school stress will be minimal.

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